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A Woman In Kolkata Licked The Uniform Of A Cop After He Stopped Her Vehicle. Where Is Our Sense Of Responsibility?

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21,000 people worldwide have lost the battle against coronavirus. Yes, it is very scary since the cases in India itself have gone up to 733 and we have lost 17 people already. Here’s the thing though I don’t know if you have noticed but Indians are straight up the most rigid people you will ever meet. We will do what we want even if you break your head trying to tell us otherwise. And going by what is going on, it is this ‘I am invincible’ attitude that is going to cost us the war against corona.

Why is it that we are so thick-skinned that nothing goes through? I mean, the preventive measures aren’t so bad, are they? All we have to do is stay at home and only step out when we run out of essential things. But a few people think they are above coronavirus and there is a term for people like that- covidiots. PS: It’s my new favourite word.

Let me tell you an incident that happened in West Bengal which will put things in perspective for you. On Wednesday, a woman in Kolkata licked the uniform of a police officer after he didn’t allow her cab to go forward due to ongoing nation-wide lockdown.

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Let me get this straight, a policeman is putting his life at risk and doing his duty of protecting us but instead of following directives and staying inside the house, people are going on the street and throwing petty tantrums? I don’t think that woman understands what the situation is or even what the words “high contagious deadly virus” mean. Seriously though, what an idiotic thing to do.

In the video that went viral, shows a group of policemen stop a vehicle in the Salt Lake area of Kolkata. They wanted to know where the people were headed and just then a woman furious with the obstruction bursts out of the vehicle and begins yelling and using cuss words. The policemen try to reason with her, but she goes and licks one of their uniforms. After that, all hell breaks loose and the policemen and the woman begin fighting.

The woman claims that she is going to buy medicines because she is unwell but when the police asked her for a prescription, she didn’t have one.

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What I fail to understand is why couldn’t she just calmly explain to the police that she was on her way to a pharmacy? It isn’t like the police were not going to allow her to buy medication during a medical emergency. There was absolutely no sense in the way that woman behaved. She not only put her life in danger but everyone else’s as well.

The woman, her companion and the driver were then arrested. The woman was charged with not abiding to the lockdown and for assaulting a public servant on duty. I have to say, she really had it coming.

I know this lockdown can be frustrating since we are not used to being cooped up in the house all the time. But that doesn’t mean that we lose all sense of civility and behave in the worst way possible. This lockdown is for our safety against the coronavirus and those policemen are risking their lives to protect us. Can we please act like adults and take some goddammed responsibility?

Stay in the house guys and if you’ll do get out and are questioned please cooperate. No one is going to stop you from buying essential things but do not stroll outside right now. These protocols are not only for your health but everyone else’s as well.

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