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A Woman Had To Drive Her Uber From Pune To Mumbai Herself After Her Driver Fell Asleep Twice At The Wheel. Wtf Is Happening?

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I have come to realise that when you’re a working millennial like me who doesn’t know how to/prefer to drive or as I like to put it, have been simply ‘out of practice’, for far too long, if there are two apps that contribute majorly to your life is either Tinder or Uber. Also because, that is the only way you find yourself human interaction these days, quite a few times – involuntarily too. But even then, none of my stories, including the ones where my tinder dates came with their imaginary and deceased friends, would hold a candle to the one we’ve come across today where a woman had to drive her own uber after the driver fell asleep twice on the wheel and almost killed them both.

The Uber tagline that once was ‘Get there. Your day belongs to you,’ was about doing it yourself, except no one told the passengers that. Apparently it also meant the responsibility of getting you home is mostly yours. As it so happened with this woman, who booked an Uber from Pune City to go to Mumbai, but had to assume the duty of the driver after the driver was caught falling asleep almost twice while driving, endangering both of their lives in the process.

28-year-old Tejaswini Divya Naik booked her cab from Pune to go till Mumbai, and was having a fine ride home, up until she saw the driver tilt a little too much, from time to time, only to find out that the driver was dozing off. After a few scares and close calls, when Tejaswini made sense of the fact that the driver was in no position to drive up till Mumbai, safely at least, she suggested that she drive them both instead.

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After asking the driver to pull over on the side and convincing him to let her drive, she finally managed to get some hold of the situation. Asking the driver to take a nap on the passenger side, Tejaswini couldn’t digest what had just happened, and honestly, neither can we. More so because, had this happened to me, my driving would probably be just as bad as the driver’s sleep-driving, and we’d positively end up in hospital beds.

Tejaswini, just like any woke millennial, then took to her (only) weapon of choice, and blasted a post on social media that read, “thanking god I’m alive right now and I wasn’t asleep when this happened & that I know how to drive.@Uber @Uber_Support @Uber_India I am seething with anger right now. how dare they drive if they’re not well rested? how dare they put anyone else’s life at risk? part 1 #uber”

What was further alarming was the response from Uber India that did not go beyond a simple apology. Oh that makes it better, thanks.

It was then that she was asked to get the cops involved in the matter and file an FIR for such risk to life and zero accountability of the situation. Tejaswini also mentioned how she even thought about seeking help from a friend, but refrained from bothering them. And although, all’s well that has end well, considering Tejaswini is home safe and sound, we do hope this serves as a reminder for Uber and uber drivers out there to consider not almost killing people the next time while doing your jobs!

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