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A Woman From The US Got Raped In A Yoga Centre In Our Country. We Treat Our Women Badly, We Treat Tourists Badly. It Gets Worse Everyday

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When we were really young and in school, we were taught that prevention is better than cure. Our teachers made us learn this by heart and we did. But then we grew up and realised that women are getting raped everywhere in this country and somehow the authorities are not even thinking about the very basics. There still isn’t enough security in our country for women and neither is the mindset of people changing. To expect a cure for the rape culture in our society seems far-fetched to me at the rate at which we are going. When you’re down with flu, and you’re taking medicines but at the same time if you go and take a dip in icy cold water, you’ll end up getting pneumonia maybe. And then maybe, if you continue staying in icy cold water, you’ll probably die. So while we are protesting and fighting to feel safer in our home country, every day we hear of more cases of rape and the pandemic is refusing to die down. We are taking a step forward but going back by 10.

Recently, a 33-year-old woman from the US was raped at a yoga centre in Rishikesh. The man was identified as Gitansh, who is an attendant at the same yoga centre. Reports suggest that the man offered her alcohol before raping her. We don’t know if she had it or not. We don’t have clarity on how that is relevant but it was reported.

Even if someone gets drunk and passes out, that doesn’t mean she is giving her consent. It doesn’t mean she is easy and deserves to be raped. Drunk or sober, no woman deserves to be sexually assaulted. And the crime is equally heinous.

The woman was there for a month and was learning yoga. Did she think that she would be unsafe in a yoga centre? No but women are also raped in their own homes and often by people they know or are related to.

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Even the world is noticing India’s shameful state and rapes in India are being reported globally. And then we get all patriotic and offended when people from other countries are scared of coming to India. Why wouldn’t they be? We are scared too and we live here. And the disgusting men in our country naturally think that women from the western countries are loose and okay to be messed around with.  Really, it’s so shameful!

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