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A Video Of Virat Kohli Asking Anushka Whether She’s Eaten Is Stealing Our Hearts. This Is So Cute

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Till now, my idea of the guy I want to marry was greatly inspired by books, movies or a TV series I was bingeing on at that point.  Sometimes I wanted a bespectacled intellectual, sometimes, someone who could be goofy with me. But now I know that I would just like Virat Kohli for a husband. Yeah, I am aware he’s taken which is why I am willing to settle for someone who is a lot like him. Cricketer Virat Kohli has me swooning and I am willing to abandon all good sense for him at this point.

This time though, instead of Virat Kohli making the headlines for his aggression (he did also make headlines for this) or Anushka Sharma being blamed for a bad performance, they are in the news for a different reason and this one is cute. For the uninitiated, the little video clip shows a moment during a match between Kohli’s RCB and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings that took place on October 25. In the video, the cameraman caught the RCB Captain looking at Anushka in the stands, gesturing to ask her if she had eaten something. To this, she replied with a thumbs up and a cheeky smile, making this is the cutest 5 second conversation ever.

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Not only did the guy take a moment out of the match while still in the field to look at his wife, but also managed to check up on her and her diet, considering she is expecting a child and needs all the care and pampering. And her we keep finding guys who find it difficult to even get a text back. Virat managed to pull that off during a match. Dear Future husband, you better be taking notes…

Apart from the clip making us feel very single, this was a gesture that has all of us wishing our husband has this kind of love for us. The video also seemed like a befitting reply to all the trolls and haters that have time and again judged the couple for standing in support for each other. To all the people, who called Anushka a jinx or a hex on his performance, the video was proof that two share one of the most honest and loving relationships and that no amount of online hate was going to put an end to that.

Netizens weren’t far behind in echoing the emotion, as they chimed in with their tweets, talking about just how sweet this gesture was. Dropping in comments like, “Virat Kohli’s video asking pregnant wife Anushka Sharma if she has eaten is too cute for words”, while another user wrote, “This cute gesture of Virat Kohli for pregnant wife Anushka Sharma has sent the internet into a meltdown,” which was rather true.

The couple that is expecting their first child early next year, and announced the good news back in August with a cheeky Instagram post. Until then, we can expect more videos that scream #couplegoals.

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