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A Video Of A Mother Trying To Meditate While Her Daughter Playfully Disturbs Her Is Going Viral. This Is So Entertaining To Watch

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I am too young to decide whether I want children or not. Of course, they are adorable and everything but once they start howling it feels like the sky is going to fall. When I look at my niece though, I feel like I do want children. Two maybe- one boy and one girl. But then I stumble upon some video on the internet that features a child rolling around in the mud and eating it or something while resigned parents sip a champagne and that makes me change my mind again. And then there are those hilarious videos that make you just want to go “awww” at the child. 

A video just like that is going viral right now. It features a mother who is trying to meditate but keeps getting interrupted by her ridiculously adorable daughter. I mean, I know that being under lockdown with kids in the house is difficult but no one told me its also so entertaining. 

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The video opens with yoga instructor Rachel Brathen sitting on a yoga mat trying to meditate. And then her 3-year-old daughter comes along and tries to do everything in her power to stop her mother from meditating. She climbs on her mother and even tries to open her mother’s eyes, it’s just so cute. 

The video was shared on Rachel Brathen’s personal Instagram page, @yoga_girl. The caption reads, “Meditate, they said… It will be peaceful, they said.” 

The way Rachel reacts is also so adorable. She tries to ignore the daughter at first and just continue meditating but after her daughter tries to open her eyes, the Rachel bursts out laughing. No matter how much she tries to get her daughter to sit beside her peacefully, the daughter just won’t let her meditate. 

I just keep imagining what would happen if we annoyed our parents like that while they were trying to meditate or do yoga. If I was the daughter, I would be getting yelled at for sure. 

Since the video was uploaded, it has gathered over 1.8 lakh views and more than 25,000 likes. 

Check out how the netizens reacted to this adorable video: 

We are going through tough times but I guess it helps to have a little sunshine like that little girl running around!

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