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A Very Creepy Detail About Anushka Sharma’s New Motion Poster Has Been Pointed Out And It’s Giving People Nightmares

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I have grown up watching movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. I remember eagerly scanning through the TV list in the newspaper every Sunday morning to see what movies were playing on TV that day. If by any stroke of luck they were playing my favourite movies, I would sit on my rickety rocking chair and watch then back to back. I think this was the OG version of a binge-watch in a much simpler time. 

Now, we practically live in the virtual world. And don’t get me wrong I love it but sometimes I miss scanning through TV lists instead of just scrolling down Netflix. The reason that I am telling you is that now the whole movie experience has drastically changed. For example, there are no posters hoardings on billboards now. Instead, there are motion posters on Twitter and as fascinating as they are, it just doesn’t have the same charm. Also, there is a major downside- if something goes wrong in the motion poster on social media, everyone will notice immediately. 

Let’s take Anushka Sharma’s motion poster for Bulbbul that was posted on Twitter by Netflix India on Wednesday. You see, at first glance, everything seems normal but when you look at it a second time you realise there is something horribly wrong with the poster and it’s giving all the netizens nightmares. 

The poster shows a woman leaping/flying/air gliding (if that’s a thing) across a forest against a full moon, which is red for some reason. Now this is pretty normal for a motion picture, right? The woman looks intriguing and enigmatic but that is until you spot one tiny little detail- her feet are inverted. Just look at the poster, it’s creepy AF. 

We know that this is a movie in the thriller/horror genre, so this is great foreshadowing. But once you notice it, you can’t stop noticing it.  Twitter users are really losing sleep over it. Once the mistake was pointed out, Netflix India retweeted the motion poster and said, “How can I sleep knowing the legs on this person are backwards.” Even Anushka took to her Instagram stories and posted a meme about this. Her meme showed Joey looking happy just looking a the poster and then looking shocked when he saw the inverted feet. 

Okay, yes it’s really funny but also very creepy. It’s not every day that you see a motion poster where a woman with inverted feet is flying across your screen. 

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For some reason, this poster really seemed to scare a lot of Twitter users. Some said that they’re going to get nightmares while others went on about jinns and chudails. Check out their reactions:

The question is- is this enough to creep you out??

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