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A Twitter User Shared A Picture Of Enjoying Maggi With Curd. Internet Is Divided, As Are We. Curd? Seriously?

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Unlike what my mother, father, friends and current weight suggests (which is below the minimum weight category at my age), I am quite a foodie. Attracted to junk and street food like a moth to a flame, I am the kind of a person who calls 2 hours before a party to see not who else is invited, but is going to be served. From Chinese to Mughlai to South Indian to home cooked food, chances are that if something is being cooked, my appetite is already roaring in delight. And even though I don’t shy away from trying new and different things to eat, one thing that I believe I would never say yes to eating (and coming from me, it means something) is Maggi with curd.

Coming up with a debatable combination of nation’s most loved and preferred junk food – Maggi noodles, along with what people use to dilute their food when they’re eating something spicy or acidic – curd, a woman on twitter has started a bit of a poll after she posted a picture of having maggi with curd, captioning it, “Maggi and curd is food for the soul.”

The real question being here is, “seriously?”

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With a taste palate that is poles apart ANND given that maggi is usually eaten hot, to add a scoop of cold curd with it would only take away the fun of having it and we are having a pretty hard time in wrapping our heads around that image.

As was twitter, as it instantly divided itself into two groups, one which didn’t mind the unique combination, and the other that felt like they have seen something they can never unsee. Having gone viral in just a few days, the comment section of this post is filled with opinions from both sides. One user wrote, “I love both, but separately…far far away from each other,” while another one suggested that it be eaten with mayonnaise instead. But one thing is for sure, we cannot unsee this.

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