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A Team Of 10 Women From Delhi, Cook And Deliver Food To COVID-Hit Families, For Free. What A Thoughtful Gesture!

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This year has undoubtedly earned a very notorious and infamous reputation for itself, what with the outbreak of coronavirus that didn’t just put people on an indefinite exile from the outside world, but also managed to shut down economies, take away innocent lives and create distance between loved ones. Both my parents ended up contracting Covid and  I speak from experience when I say it is incredibly tough it is to navigate regular life during those times. Even more so when it is the pillars of the house that are infected and there is only so much you can do for them. A situation that was faced by many families, one in particular being Nisha Chopra’s from Delhi, where her husband contracted the virus and had to be isolated. Food became the trickiest to manage.

While it is established that quarantining in your own house, in your room, until you get better is a privilege in itself, what people often forget is how managing the food and the rest of the household with one member infected can be a task. Nisha Chopra found herself in a similar fix when her husband was tested positive and put under isolation in their home. For the two weeks that he was quarantined, she witnessed her children surviving on nothing but fruits, since the usual routine and chores of the house were disrupted.

It was the helplessness of not being able to feed them well that Nisha decided to not let any other family feel what hers did. Bringing together a team of 10 women, all dedicated to cooking, Nisha started her chain of providing food to the families who were corona affected in Delhi. Cooking food for over 100 families in a single day, these 10 women have now become an inspiration for all of us to help out others while we can.

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Delivering food to the doorsteps of families, and for free too,  these women are trailblazers as they do their bit in contributing to the society which can only overcome these moments of crises with a show of humanity. In return for such a sweet gesture, all that these women demand from families in return is a promise that the beneficiaries will help feed another family in their vicinity caught in similar difficulties.

Nisha Chopra shared, “When I saw my kids struggle for food, I realised there would be so many other families facing the same problem. That’s when I decided to do what I could. I took some time and brought an adequate number of women on board to cook these meals. All of us do so in our own homes.” She went on to share, “We also got a few volunteers who helped with the distribution of meals, but many of them fell ill one after the other, and now I have myself taken up the responsibility of collecting food from different homes and then going out with a couple of volunteers to give them to those in need.”

Talking about how doing this makes her feel, Chopra said, “There is a sense of complete satisfaction that I get when I  am able to help Covid-19 patients who are in need of assistance.” We are thrilled to hear that there are women like Nisha out there, who don’t shy away from making such thoughtful gestures. We salute her for the efforts and thought put behind this initiative. It is indeed, commendable.

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