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A Taiwanese Tourist Was Fined For Wearing A String Bikini To A Beach In Philippines. But Also, That Was Tiny!

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A few years ago, while accompanying my father in the packed streets of Okhla mandi, a literal hub for Delhi’s fresh fruits and vegetables, I had one of the most upsetting experiences. And no, it is not about having bargained less than there was scope for. Okay it wasn’t just that, it was also that day that I got pick-pocketed for the first time and lost my phone. Of course, our first reaction to it was to call the police and subsequently file an FIR, but it’s not like it did me any good. You see, because the average response or action time for Delhi Police in India can be compared to that of a snail, who might even run ahead. But if there is one country whose police is quick like a cat, it is that of Philippines. However, the only catch is, you’d have to wear a string bikini for them to give a damn.

Babaye nga naka bikini sang daw ballpen ka nipis nga tela nga naga tabon sa iya pekpek, gin dakop na sang mga otoridad sa Boracay.

Posted by Baskog Front Line on Thursday, October 10, 2019

As it happened with a Taiwanese tourist, Lin Tzu Ting. She was on the Boracay Island in Philippines and she was recently reported to the authorities by the onlookers for, get this, wearing a string bikini. On a beach. In summers. According to the news reported by PNA (Philippines News Agency), the tourist who was travelling with her boyfriend was initially warned by the staff at her hotel about how what she was wearing was ‘inappropriate’, to which the couple replied saying it was a form of art. And we don’t quite disagree with them there. In fact, to add to that we’d say more than at it was choice.

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Not paying heed to the staff, the woman went ahead to sport it to the white sand beach and ended up being fined PHP 2,500 for wearing an ‘erotic’ outfit. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. The two, who were clicked numerous times by various onlookers at the beach, were tracked the very next day by the police, in a country where several other crimes remained unsolved, but such actions obviously get fast-tracked and are treated as priority to avoid any major causalities that might occur at the sight of a bikini.

Now we get it, the string in the string bikini was cent percent true to its name and well, size. I mean, as you can tell, when I was writing the bit about what happened, I was irate. But then I saw the bikini and even to my very open-minded sensibility, it was a little too less. Matlab, there’s nothing left to imagination. It may be art but it teeters strongly on the edge of disrespectful. But even then, this is a time when most countries have nude beaches and even if Philippines is not one of those, isn’t levying fine on a woman for the kind of bikini she wears a little too much?

The Municipality Chief, Jess Baylon told PNA in a statement that, “they have to respect our culture and tradition, and our proper decorum.” Boracay Inter-Agency Management and Rehabilitation Group chief Natividad Bernardino, further added, “there is no dress code . . . maybe it’s just common sense.”

We are conflicted.

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