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A Swimming Coach In Goa Gets Caught For Molesting A 15-Year Old Student. What Has The World Really Come To?

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I remember the first time I made up my mind to switch fields – from an auditor to a writer – I remember the pressures, the insecurity and the nervousness, for at that point I did not know any better. And I wouldn’t have either, had it not been for my editor, who took me under her wing and mentored me through the way and taught me what I know today. And that is what mentors are supposed to do right? Enable you and guide you to do better? But seems like a certain swimming coach from Goa, Surajit Ganguly was of a different and deranged mindset, for instead of teaching a girl how to swim, he was caught molesting his 15-year old-student on a video that recently went viral.

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The matter came to light with the video, showing how the accused – Surajit Ganguly is trying to molest and sexually assault a 15-year-old girl. The girl in the incident here is a national level junior gold medalist, who hails from Bengal, but had come to Goa to train under her coach, after he called her to the Mapusa centre in North Goa.

Upon investigating into the matter, it was found that Surajit had been physically and mentally torturing the girl for the last 6 months, and it was only when her parents noticed her performance take a dip along with her interaction with her coach, that they were able to put two and two together and gently asked their daughter to tell them what was going on. After finding out what happened, the family decided to go back to Bengal and file a complaint against the coach, but found it difficult to process through since the incident had taken place in Goa.

It’s horrible that the victim of an assault has to go through more torture before the accused can be brought to book. However, the girl decided to work her own way to justice by publicly announcing how she was molested by her swimming coach. In a Facebook post, she wrote, “My coach used to touch me and physically assaulted me. I have decided to reveal this because I want to save many other girls who may have gone through the same ordeal. Shockingly, when I went to the police station, they told me to lodge a complaint with the Goa police.”

The Sports Minister of the country, Kiren Rijiju also stepped in and assured strict action against the accused and even took to Twitter to address the matter. Following suit, the Goa Swimming Association terminated the contract of Surajit Ganguly, while he has been filed under IPC sections 376 (rape), 354 (molestation) and 506 (criminal intimidation), and under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). And to think that this was the same coach who was lauded and awarded accolades for bringing pride to the swimming and diving sports of Goa, just makes us deeply sad and unquestionably angry.

Such heinous acts being committed by the very people who are supposed to not just know better, but teach us to be better, all faith in humanity does really seem to have been lost. But with the authorities stepping in and promising punishment for the accused, we may have some hope left. For now, shame on you Surajit Ganguly.

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