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A Survey Reveals That Most Women Are Planning A Career Change After This Pandemic. Yay For More Women Entrepreneurs

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Most people spend their lives, following in the footsteps of their parents or a path that sits well with society. We go mindlessly through the motions – graduating from school, then college, doing what is told to us till we can’t anymore, to retire and live an ordinary life. Almost like being set on auto pilot. But when the pandemic came into the picture, taking that time off wasn’t so much as left to choice, for time was all we had left. And seems like, women seem to have taken it well to do some good thinking in this time.

A recent survey conducted by the professional women’s network AllBright, revealed that in light of the pandemic and these unprecedented times, women have emerged not only more confidently but also with a will to go after what they want in their career. With one in four women thinking about setting up their own business post the corona era, to over 60% are planning a complete pivot in field altogether. Despite all the household chores and piss poor support from other family members, women have used this time for introspection in the most productive way possible.

The survey also shared how the sectors that are being viewed with the most growth are “health and fitness” and “publishing” for these new women business owners, and almost half of the women who were surveyed, expressed that COVID has provided new professional opportunities for them in the long-term.

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Having complained about never having enough time on their hands, to having just that, women weren’t going to waste away this chance to truly reflect on their choices. And this after doing double the work during the lockdown, what with being laden with house, family and work responsibilities all at once, they have emerged as the real heroes- though they always were this. Because after this point, there is nothing that they couldn’t handle, be it working under pressure or meeting deadlines.

Anna Jones, the cofounder of AllBright said, “It’s heartening to see the crisis act as a catalyst for positive change with so many women defying the negative headlines of the last few months, by making moves to set up their own businesses, pivoting their careers, and remaining optimistic about the future.”

She also added, “The findings from our survey of over 800 members highlighted that many women are using their renewed sense of perspective and resilience ensure the experience of the last few months doesn’t set them back, and as an organisation we are helping them do this. Entrepreneurs often see challenges as problems to be solved, and this innovative thinking has come to the forefront over the past months, with one in four of our members deciding to seize the moment and set up their own business.”

As adept with the chores as with business ideas, whoever thought women belonged just in the kitchen clearly would have to revisit their words, because from the looks of it, women are rising entrepreneurs, yearning to flourish even in a pandemic.

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