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A School In Karnataka Filed A Complaint With CID After It’s Online Zoom Class Was Hacked To Use Obscene Language. This Is Getting Out Of Hand.

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Call me a nerd but I’ve always loved the idea of going to school and attending classes every day. Hell, if it were up to me, I’d stay a student throughout my life, learning and un-learning about facts and concepts that I still don’t know about. Except, that was up until we were struck with a COVID shaped lightning bolt and, forced inside the confines of our homes, for what seems to be an eternity now. One of the major changes this ‘stay at home, stay safe’ culture has brought with it are the of online zoom classes. But it is the fact that these get hacked ever so easily, and that has kids bummed out and ironically driven away from learning.

We say this after coming across yet another incident where an online zoom class was hacked by an anonymous user and created a mockery out of. Turns out, The Jain Heritage School, Kempapura was conducting online classes for its students, when an unauthorised person entered one of the online classes and used obscene language. This continued to the extent that the entire class had to end, as they were forced to resume later.

Undertaking the matter quite seriously and as they should, the principal of this private school in Karnataka filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), stating how on 21st May, between 2 pm and 2.45 pm the incident took place, thereby registering an FIR under the IT act.

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However, this wasn’t the first time something like that has happened either. Such cheap stunts have been pulled off quite often by people hiding behind the veil of anonymity with nothing but plain mischief and disregard for teachers, students and the learning in mind. In fact, just last month another case was reported by the management of Christ PU college, which has now stopped zoom classes altogether after an anonymous user logged in to pop up porn on the screens.

Similarly in Chandigarh too, the online classes were all put to a halt after a pornographic movie was played on the screen in the middle of a session. And such zoom bombings that disrupt the entire flow of a class or meetings is not just limited to our country but can be seen happening everywhere from Singapore to the US. Hackers continue to create diversions and make things even more difficult for those who actually want to learn and study. It not only bothers the curriculum but also promotes vile, obscene and appalling content to children, who are still very impressionable.

Guess some people have their priorities set during this pandemic, as they continue to pull such gimmicks that will hopefully land them behind the bars. Guess that is one wall they wouldn’t be able to hack! Meanwhile, Zoom continues to urge users to report such instances so they can take the necessary measures and make the medium safer.

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