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A Nurse Breastfed A Baby Because His Mother Could Not Lactate. In These Times, This Is An Act Of Compassion And Bravery

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They say, and by ‘they’ I mean science and logic, that a woman becomes a mother only when she conceives a child. Be it through a natural conception, surrogacy, adoption or any other way, but you need a baby to be a mother. I, however, am of a differing belief for I think that a woman doesn’t need a child to have a motherly instinct in her, it is already a core part of her being. As we’ve come to witness in a heart-warming story of a nurse from Kolkata, who recently fed a crying newborn her own milk, when his mother couldn’t.

As per the reports about the incident that took place in RG Medical College and Hospital on Thursday, after a mother gave birth. The baby couldn’t sleep the entire night and kept crying for milk. However, the mother who had just undergone a c-section for the procedure, hadn’t started lactating yet and so was in no position to feed her crying baby with breast milk.

At the same time, Uma Adhikary, a nurse who had helped in a delivery during that time was on a night-shift duty in the labour post-operative ward, where she heard the cries of the infant. The nurse decided to feed him herself. An act that has left most of us in awe of her.

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At a time when even new born babies face the chances of contracting the deadly coronavirus, other new mothers in the maternity ward were apprehensive of breast feeding someone else’s kid and had their inhibitions. But this nurse proved with her actions that sometimes the world could do with a little bit of kindness and compassion. After all, if we can’t stand for each other now, then when? Uma shared how when her husband found out about it, he was worried for she had to breastfeed their baby the next morning, but she assured him of the hygiene protocol and did what she knew best.

Even though over 30 cases of pregnant women having coronavirus have been reported, doctors have clarified that breast feeding the child with precautions will not lead to contraction of the virus. And although we understand the cause of concern other mothers would have, we are incredibly humbled by this woman’s selfless act in these crazy times.

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