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A Mentally Challenged School Girl Molested By Two Men With A Water Bottle. Every Day, It Gets Worse

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There used to be a time, when after entering this field of journalism, I would be bothered a little too often by the kind of stories that I was required to cover. You see, the thing about working for a publication that seeks to interest, embolden and entertain the learned and feminist youth of today, is that sometimes you have to hold a mirror to them, so they become aware of the raging reality around, and in doing so, you also hold up a mirror to yourself, and it is only seldom pretty. And today, once again, it will shake your faith in humanity. In Mumbai, a young school going mentally challenged girl, was sexually molested by a bus driver and a cleaner.

You would think, that after years of voices being raised against the heinous crimes that women are subjected to, people and the men of our country would finally begin to realise that women aren’t a objects to ransack, ravage and burn to ashes. That they’d understand what consent means. And that they’d understand that we were born humans and there is no need to turn into monsters now. But you’d be wrong. Because, no matter how many Nirbhayas or Priyanka Reddys lose their lives to such ghastly and tragic incidents, things will never really change. And we say this after a mentally challenged school girl in Mumbai was recently attacked and molested by her bus’s driver and cleaner, who used a water bottle to insert into her private parts.

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An incident that took place last month on December 19, was only brought to light this month when the official complaint was lodged and the two accused were arrested on January 14. Turns out, when the unfortunate incident took place, the mother of the victim was out of India. The young girl, who probably would’ve been left traumatised after the appalling incident, did not tell her mother until she came back, and it was then when the parents took immediate action and rushed to the authorities.

The police have revealed that it took place while the victim was coming back home from school in the bus, and the accused identified as Sandeep Mishra, 26, the driver and Shiv Prasad Yadav, 29, the cleaner came onto her when she was alone. A police official shared that, “The bus cleaner and driver molested the girl while she was alone. The accused person removed the victim’s clothes and inserted a water bottle in her private part.” The preliminary investigation also shared that, the cleaner used to show objectionable photos to the girls and boys travelling in the school bus.

The case has been registered with the police against them under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences(POCSO) and Section 376, while the investigation continues further. And even though this has not come as another shock to most of us, it has come across as yet another low.

In one fell swoop, it is as though we’ve been sent decades back, as our efforts, our voices, our cries and our howls get redundant with every rapist committing a crime, and the government and authorities failing to preempt them from happening. With this, we are forced to wonder, if safety is even an option for women anymore.

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