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A Man Was Arrested In Mumbai For Making A Video Of A Woman While She Was Bathing. When Is This Going To Stop?

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As it often happens, discussions over drinks traverse many topics. One that always has me intrigued is what superpower I would like to have, if given a chance. And despite thinking this through many a times, I always super comprehensibility. Which in simpler terms would allow me understand people who I think are from a different planet, say like the present day men who really need to be schooled on even the basic and moral etiquette on how to behave more like a human being.

We say this after coming across yet another incident, where a guy, put this brains to the worst use possible and thought it a great idea to go ahead and film a woman while she bathed. Yhe incident took place in in a toilet of a chawl in Agripada area in Mumbai on 4th June 2020. The police reports to now have caught and arrested the man who did this.

As per the reports of a police official, “The incident occurred when the woman went to use the common toilet in a chawl on Wednesday afternoon. The accused had placed his phone near the window of the toilet. However, after the woman spotted the mobile, she suspected something fishy. She took it away the mobile and hurriedly came out of the toilet.”

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The man, Prashant Singh who has been arrested for the incident, was hiding in the adjacent toilet came out at this point and had the audacity to ask for his phone back. The woman however, told her brother and other people in the locality about what  who came to the rescue. Upon checking the phone for its contents, it was made there was a video of the woman taking a bath.

Prashant Singh has been arrested by the police on the charge of molestation and they’ve also booked him under sections of the Information Technology Act. But, the fact that this kind of an incident isn’t new to hear is what the real tragedy here is. Every other day, we hear about cases where women are trying to filmed without knowledge and consent and then blackmailed into giving into the whims of the people who do this.

There needs to be an end to this, and until and unless the men understand that none of this is acceptable, there is no concrete change that we can even expect.

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