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A Man Rejects Apology Letter From An Entitled Person In His Colony. Apparently, If You’ve Daughters You Can Behave Badly

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Okay, a show of hands, who here has never made a mistake, a lapse in judgement or been unnecessarily rude to someone on a whim? I don’t think anyone can raise their hands. The thing is, we all have flaws and there are times, in a fit of anger,  we all say hurtful things that we don’t mean. When that happens, what do you do? If it’s me, I just go and apologize to the person as sincerely as I can. Maybe get them chocolates and prepare for retaliation. However, everyone knows, giving excuses is just going to make matters worse. 

Although, people still get defensive and give the shittiest of excuses. For instance, there are people who use their families and daughters and excuses when they are accused of something. I think they have got the idea from movies, but more often than not, people who are trying to get out of trouble will say things like, “meri bhi biwi bacche hai” or something to that effect. 

In fact, just a few days ago, a man, Gaurav Probir Pramanik, took to Twitter to share a picture of an apology letter that was written to him. The man who wrote the letter is the President of the colony where Gaurav lives with his family. He had caused Gaurav and his family a lot of distress and apologised for that in the letter by saying he has two daughters and their future would be ruined if there was a case against him. 

Anyway, before I tell you the exact contents of the letter, I should give you some context. You see, this colony president and a few other people were bursting crackers one night. When Gaurav and his parents raised objection to the noise by saying that there is a cancer patient in the house who needs rest, they turned around and said they can’t stop celebrating just because people are dying in their house. 

Check out Gaurav’s tweets: 

After wishing death on Gaurav and his family, the colony president sent him a letter saying he takes full responsibility of the incident and that he was “in intoxication of bhakti of Sri Ram”. He also urged Gaurav to retract the police complaint as he has two daughters whose futures are on the line. 

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I don’t understand this logic. You can go around doing whatever you want because you have daughters and their future is more essential than the sanity of the people you harassed? Let me tell you why that is horrible reasoning with an exaggerated example. Pablo Escobar had a daughter. Should he have been let off scot-free because her future would get ruined if he wasn’t? Now, this colony president might not have been a Colombian drug lord but the basic logic still applies. 

Needless to say, Gaurav rejected his apology. Not only did he share a picture of the apology letter, but he also made notes on the letter to point out the discrepancies. He replied to the letter saying, “Having a daughter does not make a man decent”. 

In the next tweet, he went on to quote US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who pointed out the same thing while calling out the misogyny in the US parliament. 

Why do people think it’s perfectly okay to use their mothers/daughters/wives as excuses when they are called out for something? They aren’t shields to hide behind. Having daughters does not make you a decent person. Being a decent person makes you a decent person. If this colony president was so worried about the future about his daughters, he shouldn’t be talking to people in such a barbaric way. Besides, there is no way that letter is sincere. He just wants Gaurav to retract the police complaint. 

Gaurav’s tweets went viral and he received a whole lot of praises. People called him a real badass and asked him to stand his ground against BS like this.

Can’t we be a little more sensitive towards others?

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