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A Man In UP Murdered His Girlfriend’s Other Boyfriend After Finding Them In A Compromising Position.

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I have grown up on an unhealthy dose of TV shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhan India and CID. And so I know that one of the main reasons for murder is a love affair gone wrong. It’s terrifying and brutal but it’s what happens more often than you’d think. It’s the way the cookie crumbles. For instance, recently a man in UP murdered another man when he walked in on his girlfriend and said man in a compromising position. I may not be all for non-violence but even I know that brutal and mindless violence was not the answer here. 

You see, in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, a man strangled his girlfriend’s other boyfriend to death after walking in on them in a compromising position. According to the police, the victim, identified as Sarjeet Kumar, was reported missing since Wednesday. His body was found on Friday in Sunsi village. 

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After being informed of the body by a villager, the police reached there and the post-mortem confirmed that Sarjeet had been murdered. During the course of the investigation, the police found out about his affair with a widow. Once the police called the woman in for interrogation, she explained how she was having an affair with both men and was dependent on them for her survival. 

TOI quoted a police officer saying, “Based on Sarjeet’s mobile surveillance record, we managed to nab the woman. During interrogation, the woman told us that she had an affair with Sarjeet and Harpal, who is her distant relative. After her husband’s death two years ago, she became dependent on both for her survival. However, Harpal didn’t know about her relationship with Sarjeet.”  

On Wednesday, Harpal suddenly arrived at the woman’s house and found her and Sarjeet in a compromising position. In a fit of rage, he strangled Sarjeet to death. The woman then helped Harpal dump his body in the village where it was found.  

This is extremely brutal.

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