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A Man In MP Married Two Brides In The Same Mandap And They Were Okay With It. Not Judging Them But It’s Kind Of Illegal

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We live in a culture that promotes monogamous relationships. Our love and affection make us not want to share our partner with anyone else and that’s okay. But polygamy is a concept that’s widely practiced in the world, often not with honesty. That is then deemed infidelity because it is “cheating” when your partner doesn’t know that a monogamous relationship isn’t what they signed up for. And then there are people who practice polygamy and are open about it.

Although marrying two women isn’t legal, a man in Madhya Pradesh recently did so after he was torn between the woman he loves and another chosen by his family. The marriage took place at the same time with two brides and the three families cheered on, without having any issues with it.

So what are the events that led to this? Sandeep Uike is a resident of Betul in MP who had gone to Bhopal for studies. There he met and fell in love with a woman from Hoshangabad. Back home, his family fixed his marriage with a woman from Koyalari village. However, when all this came to light, the families started fighting, and to settle the matter a Panchayat meeting was called. Eventually, it was decided that if the women are okay with marrying him, he can wed both of them. And yes, they consented to this arrangement wherein all three of them live together.

This wedding was attended by their families and other villagers. He took saath phere with both the brides and things went smoothly. Mishrilal Parate, vice-president of Janpad Panchayat Ghodadongri was present at the wedding too. However, we don’t know how he will legally explain this – marrying two women and having a wedding without prior permission amidst this pandemic. Ghodadongri Tehsildar Monika Vishwakarma said she is sending an official to investigate the matter.

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In a country where honour killings happen and people have disputes over parking spots, these guys just went like let’s just all live together. And even the families agreed. Seriously, how are they in such a “sharing” mode? I don’t know if the situation was the other way around, how okay these people would be. Would they let a woman marry two men? The fact that it isn’t legal is a different story. But there are several polygamists around the world matching with others who believe in having multiple partners as well. Of course, if you’re gonna make babies with so many people it wouldn’t really be the best for controlling population explosion in our country. And unfortunately, self-monitoring isn’t a skill on most people’s resume. So multiple marriages are best avoided– for me more for economic and social simplification rather than moral issues.

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