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A Lot Of Celebrities Clapped At 5pm On 22nd March To Show Their Support. It Was Heartening

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As we find ourselves entering this second week of working from home in the times of the Covid-19 outbreak, there are quite a few lifestyle changes that we have all come to adopt. Like permanently working out of your PJs and your bed, taking at least one nap after lunch time, and setting up reminders on your phone letting you know how it’s the weekend and you don’t need to work from home that day. And as we learn to navigate through life under such circumstances of uncertainty, it only makes sense to also remind ourselves to be grateful of the people who as we stay in, are staying out to protect us from the coronavirus. We are talking about the doctors and the medical staff that has been working relentlessly to save us from this deadly virus.

On 19th March, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the entire nation to talk about the coronavirus outbreak, he mentioned a lot of things on the topic, some of which we knew, and some to which we had turned a blind eye. Talking about the pandemic, that has claimed over 9000 lives globally, Modi mentioned how the need of the hour is to stay aware and alert. Requesting us to be vigilant and practice restraint, as Modi talked about how the government is trying its best to tackle the situation, and as a resolve, the one thing apart from staying indoors that he suggested the public to do was laud the medics for their service.

Initiating a janata curfew on public on 22nd March, Sunday, Modi asked every one to get to their balconies on Sunday at 5 pm and clap their hands for the exceptional service that the medical staff all over the country and the globe have been lending to the fight against coronavirus. An act that seemed kind of weird to most of us when suggested, but was surprisingly an eye opener for each and everyone of us.

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As we approached Sunday, and our balconies on 5pm to see the turn up, the response wasn’t just heartening it was overwhelming. From the average citizen to big celebrities, every one stepped up and did their bit in standing together while maintaining distance  to appreciate the work of the doctors and nurses working overtime for us. From the prestigious Bachchan family – including Big B, Aiswarya and Abhishek to Priyanka Chopra doing it from across the world, a lot of big names from the B-town popped up to join in for the support.

Katrina Kaif was captured in her athleisure, standing on the roof of her house, banging utensils as a way of appreciation, while Deepika Padukone was seen accompanied by husband Ranveer Singh in her balcony clapping away. Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel were too captured being a part of this, as was Kiara Advani, Karan Johar, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakul Preet, Karishma Kapoor and the likes of them. Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan were too spotted outside of their building, utensils in hand, beating it hard to show support and share their thanks.

A large of number of celebrities showing up to put a united front with the rest of the public not just encouraged many others to follow suit but was proof that India is doing its best in not just recognising the severity of the situation, but also to show gratitude and compassion in times of such national crisis. And we are glad, that a simple suggestion of clapping for the hard work of doctors, turned into a movement in itself, giving us more hope and patience to see these tough times through.

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