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A Kerala MP’s Wife Compared Rape With Water-Logging. We Didn’t Find Anything Funny About That

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There are certain kinds of people, who are always quick to find humor in anything they say or any situation that they encounter. And usually, those are the best kinds of people for they know just how to lighten up the mood. But the trick even there is to know that some topics will always stay off limits and must never be joked about. Rape should absolutely be the first topic on that list. A basic concept, that is elusive to a Kerala MP’s wife, Anna Linda Eden, when she used a very poor analogy to describe the flooding situation in front of her house in Kochi.

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We don’t know if this was supposed to be funny or what actually happened that would call for such blatant stupidity to be displayed so brazenly but Linda Eden wrote on Facebook, “Fate is like rape if you can’t resist it then try to enjoy it,” adding with it  a video of a water-logging situation near her house and the other that shows the Kerala MP Hibi Eden, enjoying an ice-cream sundae.

Now, the thing is, and it is as apparent as it gets, rape – under no circumstance is funny or ever can be. Especially not when you’re trying to compare it with a water-logging situation, and in the process recommending people ‘enjoy’ the act if they can’t resist it. I mean, after years and years of efforts to try and overturn just this kind of mentality, we have such people and a woman no less, going ahead and making an analogy out of it, which is horrifying.

And this is just the general consensus. Don’t even get us started over what actual rape survivors must feel after reading such callous comments, for they have experienced the atrocity that it is, in actuality. Be it in a subtle comparison or a very direct one, there is no humour when it comes to rape. It is horrible to use it to make any other point other than the fact that it is one of the worst crimes against humanities, and last we checked there was nothing funny about it. And when such things come from an educated woman and a journalist, we can’t help but lose a little faith in humanity altogether.

Lots of people on Facebook and twitter, who felt the same way, have shown their anger (can’t blame them), against the tasteless post which has now been deleted by the woman. Anna Linda later issued an apology saying how she never intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone who has suffered the trauma and abuse. And even though we don’t know what alternate intention there could’ve been of her VERY direct words, we appreciate that she went ahead to realise where she went terribly wrong.

There is nothing to enjoy in forced sexual harassment and there is nothing to laugh about either.

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