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A Kenyan Man Glued His Wife’s Vagina Over Suspicion Of Infidelity. Why Do Men Feel Like They Own Their Wives?

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Every day, we come across news of men committing heinous crimes against women and this is all around the world. Sexual crimes, domestic abuse, acid attack, genital mutilation and more – all of these crimes are nothing but a sorry exhibition of disgusting men looking at women as mere slaves of their desires. Even rape is not so much about sex as much as it is about ownership and power. Seeing a woman struggle to get out of their restraints before they annihilate them, to boost their ego and teach them a lesson, that’s how the power struggle works with deviant men.

A man in Kenya, Dennis Mumo (36) attempted to glue his wife’s sexual organs over infidelity. He applied super glue on her vagina, trying to shut it down right before his last business trip to Rwanda. He claimed that she was having affairs with other men and he did this to salvage his marriage. According to Mumo, whenever he was on business trips, his wife would meet other men. He said that she was sleeping around with at least four men or so he found out after going through her messages. Mumo also claimed that she sent nudes to a guy with a message that read: ‘Next week there will be fire.’

Even if it’s true that she was cheating on him, he is not the owner of her body and he doesn’t have the right to seal her vagina. It’s disgusting that men think when they marry, they are buying out a woman and they have the right to do anything to her body. This is the mindset that leads to marital rapes. And honestly, if her husband is like that, I don’t blame her for looking for pleasure outside marriage.

Mumo got arrested and he even confessed to the crime. Of course, he showed no remorse and his lawyer in fact asked for 100 lashes to be given to Mumo’s wife for infidelity.

This is not the first time, a man has tried to glue his wife’s genitals. A man in Qatar did that because she liked his 12-year-old cousin’s Facebook post and in one of her own posts, her heels were visible. He believed for these reasons that she was promiscuous and deserved to have her vagina shut down.

Another man in South Africa who was obsessed with his wife suspected that she was having an affair. He held a machete and threatened to chop her head off if she doesn’t strip. When she did, he took out super glue and applied it to her vagina before running off to never be seen again. She hasn’t even filed charges in the fear that he will return and kill her. She is scarred for life and cannot have sex again.

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Oxford defines ‘humane’ as “having or showing compassion or benevolence.” But if this is how half of our species are, then this definition needs to be revised. It’s disgusting to coexist in a world with such sickly creatures who are a threat to women and the society as a whole.

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