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A Jeweller In Surat Is Selling Diamond Masks That Won’t Offer Protection But Will Make A Style Statement. Erm, Why?

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To protect ourselves from the coronavirus, there are very few but extremely necessary precautions we have to take. Starting from social distancing (sorry, no more hugs), learning to live with the strong smell of sanitizer everywhere around you and the most important, wearing masks. I know masks are the worst thing, well maybe except, they protect us against the virus. They are uncomfortable, claustrophobic and you can barely recognize people. But of course, not wearing a mask right now is like living life on the edge of a cliff. 

Right from the get-go people started finding ways to try and make masks an accessory. Because everything has to look good, being a precaution to a deadly virus is just not enough. Now, if you go shopping for masks you will find them in silk, velvet, cotton, georgette and believe it or not, leather (ugh, how do they breathe in that? Oh wait, I don’t want to know). 

If you thought all that was crazy, what I am about to tell you will blow your mind. A jeweller in Gujarat named D. Khushalbhai Jewellers took things to the next level by selling diamond masks. Yep, they are masks with rows and rows of diamonds stuck on them. 

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This ‘invention’ is supposed to enhance wedding-attires. Of course, the goal at a wedding is to ensure you don’t catch the virus from someone but who wears a plain mask for that? Damn, we Gujaratis really are obsessed with diamonds. D. Khushalbhai Jewellers are also making matching masks for the couple. 

Yes, it’s all adorable until you hear what that’ll cost you. These diamond masks cost anywhere between 1 lakh- 4 lakh. Your plain mask has never looked better, has it? 

No seriously, if on my wedding day I was wearing a diamond-studded mask I would be more worried about that then actually contracting the virus from somewhere. Besides this won’t protect you, you’d have to protect it. Also, if I  get this diamond mask, I will have to wear it to every wedding for the next 5 years pandemic or not. And I don’t think anyone wants to relive this time. 

A journalist made a video of the diamond masks being sold in the store. He wrote that the aim of these masks was to look different at weddings. 

I know that Indians love OTT things, especially at weddings, but this might be pushing it, just a little though. Why someone would need a mask made out of diamonds is unclear to me. Perhaps it’ll always be unclear to me. 

This really is taking things to the next level. I really doubt a bunch of diamonds stuck on a cloth will protect you, but at least you’ll shine on like a crazy diamond (please tell me you get the reference).

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