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A Japanese Billionaire Is Holding A Contest To Find A Woman To Take To The Moon With Him. Because He’s Lonely. Erm, Okay

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I have always wondered what people or couples really mean when they use the phrase ‘I love you till the moon and back’ in their conversations. Were they referring to the distance, to how long they can stand each other’s presence, we’re not entirely sure. But that was up until we were finally given a literal context to that statement, after a Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa, has announced how he wants to find the perfect woman to take to the moon and back, with him on a spacecraft being designed by SpaceX.

You see, for someone who has only been taken out for rather mediocre coffee dates or to a hill station on a particularly fancy date, that too in a Volvo, the news of a man willing to take a woman to outer space has come as a pleasant surprise. But the kind that would make you want to drop everything else and look for how you can apply to this too-good-and-fancy-to-be-true kind of a swayamvar. Safe to say, the expectations of women after reading this might just sky rocket. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)!

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Turns out, the 44-year-old billionaire who sold his fashion company Zozo last year for about a fortune of 3.7 billion dollars, is at a point in life where he wants to spend it with ‘the one’ perfect woman. And so when the chance to host a one of its kind worldwide partner hunt came along, he thought why not. As did we when we finished applying for the matchmaking event that Yusaku calls ‘Full Moon Lovers’.

The conditions for eligibility are pretty simple, as they require women to be single women aged 20 or over,  with a bright personality and a positive nature. Along with of course, an interest in going to space. The deadline is January 17, so you’ve a bit if you want to develop a ‘bright personality and a positive nature.’ The women will be shortlisted for Yusaku’s dream getaway to the moon, for the year 2023, in the spacecraft being designed by SpaceX that will be called Super Heavy. The craft is designed to take up to 100 people to space, with a round trip to the moon, Mars and back. Talk about a long drive, this is absolutely other worldly (I know, I am on a roll!)

Maezawa, upon opening up about this rather unbelievable venture to look out for love, may have been a billionaire with a bizarre idea for a date night, but sounded just like one of us when he shared what he is seeking in life. He said, “I am 44 now. As feelings of loneliness and emptiness slowly begin to surge upon me, there’s one thing that I think about: Continuing to love one woman. I want to find a ‘life partner’. With that future partner of mine, I want to shout our love and world peace from outer space.”

As do we Yusaku, and a bunch of other women who we are sure would already be looking at ways to send in double/triple applications. Guess we’ll have to see how this turns out to be, and until then, fingers crossed!

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