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A Health Worker Got Manhandled By A Mob Saying They Don’t Care If They Die Of Covid 19. Why Should Others Die Because Of Their Stupidity?

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I always knew that the value of human life has been rather low in India. People fall off the trains, bridges are poorly built and of course, women’s lives are at the very bottom. In this densely populated, people don’t care about other people dying. But I didn’t know they don’t value their own lives and of those close to them. A deadly virus has overpowered the world, infected and killed so many. Until it reached India, none of us took it seriously. Then it did, and we realised that we have to fight harder because there are several factors that make us prone to a coronavirus explosion. However, even with the timely lockdown, I am appalled and honestly shocked that people still don’t give a fuck.  

A couple of days after people in Indore pelted stones at two health workers fighting the COVID-19 battle, another incident in Bengaluru is disgusting all of us. ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker Krishnaveni along with other members of their staff had gone to Sadiq Nagar for screening the residents after a maid in the area tested positive for COVID-19.  

They were going around, door to door checking for symptoms such as fever, cough etc. However, suddenly she got surrounded by a mob of 40-50 that tried to bully her into aborting the screening. “They manhandled me and told me that I should not inquire anyone about the COVID-19 symptoms. They even shouted that they will die of COVID-19 and I should not be worried. They do not want anybody to come to them or locality,” she revealed in a video statement.  

Krishnaveni also revealed that they snatched away all her documents and other valuable belongings. But what can you say about the lowly creatures who say things like they’d rather die than get screened? Honestly, they can choose to die but the problem here is that if they get infected, others will too and someone who wants to live can lose their life. But such people don’t care and it’s really shitty.  

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I have no idea why they are opposing health workers. What wrong have they done? I mean it will be really sad that people will die because of other people’s stupidity. Even in lockdown, men go around on their two-wheelers for matargashti. People are standing so close to each other while buying groceries and vegetables, it’s alarming. It’s a shame that they don’t care about theirs or others’ health and they have to be restrained when such things should come naturally. But actually opposing health care? These health workers are putting their own lives at risk to treat others and this is not what they deserve. 

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