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A Group Of Muslim Women Fought All Odds To Prepare Meals For The Firemen In Australia And It’s So Heart Warming

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A little compassion goes a long way, they say. An adage that has kept me on the right path for the longest time and made life a little more easier and gratifying, I have come to realise that despite all the bad out there, there is still some good left in the world. And stories of love are emerging from the disaster that’s happening in Australia. The one ray of hope. Australia has seen wild bushfires taking over practically every part of the country and the situation is quite dire out there.

Going on for several months now, the fires had started breaking out since September and have now taken a dangerous turn after having spread way more than anticipated and at a speed that is frightening. Hundreds and thousands of firefighters have been on the toes, trying to rescue civilians and entire generations of wild animals caught in this literal crossfire between man and nature. Heartbreaking news for everyone around the world, Australia is struggling right now thousands of homes getting destroyed and the koalas getting functionally extinct after losing 80% of their natural habitat to the fire.

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And while these current raging and sad state of affairs of Australia have led people all across the world come together to find a way to help, the ones who have come through as one of the most bravest of them all are this group of Muslim women who have gone the extra mile here to support the firefighters and be of any help that is necessary. A group from Newport, Victoria recently drove for hours on end to collect donations from people around and get in 5 trucks full with supplies and raised a total of 1500 dollars to donate to the cause.

Australian Islamic Centre यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, ५ जानेवारी, २०२०

Traversing through cities with volunteers, helping in taking care of them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre have outdone themselves in coming through for their community in such a time. Breaking past all the reservations and thoughts people have about women stepping up, and in a world where there is rampant Islamnophobia, these women have broken not just the myths around gender but also religion and humanity. From tending to them, to cooking for them, they have gone the extra mile in supporting the firemen who have been relentlessly working towards quick and safe evacuations and dangerous rescue missions on the daily.

Australian Islamic Centre यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, ५ जानेवारी, २०२०

Making use of social media to make people aware of where they’d be travelling to collect donations, these fearless, driven and proactive women have gone against the odds to support the cause and help in the best way possible. Hosting an event that was initially planned to raise funds for their youth program, the women from the center decided to donate the amount to the bushfire  instead, and that gesture in itself reminded us that maybe we can afford to keep our faith in humanity.

These little acts of kindness don’t just go a long way, they manifest into a greater success which is that of humanity winning over everything else. In times of need, these women have proven their mettle and passion to stand for and with their community and for that we salute them and their efforts. More power to them!

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