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A Group Of Men In Karnataka Hosted A Puja To End Feminism And #MeToo. We Can’t Even..We Can’t

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Guys, guys, you won’t believe this. If you thought the male ego was fragile, this incident will erase will all doubts. The Indian male ego is so fragile, so easily threatened that in Karnataka, these men did a puja to end feminism.  And while it doesn’t bother us, in fact, it is great that we’re hitting right at our target audience, we have to applaud them for being creative AF with their ways. We say this because this group of men in Karnataka hosted a Pisachini Mukti puja for ending the #MeToo Movement and feminism in India.

A group of super concerned and woke men from Karnataka had a noble thought to free us all and save the Indian families from the ordeals that have come with feminism in the country, and decided it was about time to end the whole thing, with a Pindadaan and Pisachini mukti puja. For the uninitiated, Pindadaan is a religious rite that is performed after the death of a person, so that the departed soul receives salvation. What consideration, though. And while it amazes us to see the lengths men would go to when they feel threatened, it amuses us more to think they actually thought it would work. I mean, LOL. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not typing this from the afterlife…*sings ‘Hello from the other side’*

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And you’d think it would infuriate us feminist flock of women, or better yet, abracadabra us into oblivion, but in reality, all it ended up doing was give us something to laugh about. The puja, that was held at 50 other locations during the same time, was a result of the expert solutions thought of at the 11th Annual National Men’s Conference, where obviously men had to think of ways to save their endangered species, from us pisachinis. But guess they’ll have to rethink their million dollar strategy, for we’re not going anywhere. Especially now that it is an established fact that we will take your entitlement, your patriarchy and give it back to your with compound interest.

It was a good run guys, but like all good things, the pathetic ones too have to end, and we’re afraid you’re next up on the list. And even though our ways won’t be as creative and redundant as yours, we’ll let our superpowers of raising a voice do the honours. Because apparently, it’s working like a charm (pun intended)!

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