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A Group Of Influencers Decided To Enjoy A Pool Party In A Luxury Villa Amidst A Deadly Pandemic. This Is So Disgusting.

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The entire world is staying indoors, practicing social distancing because of a highly contagious virus that’s unleashed a war on us. We are staying indoors not just to keep ourselves safe but also for each other’s wellbeing. You never know if you end up becoming a carrier and pass it on to someone whose immunity isn’t all that strong. We don’t even know if ours is, in case you’re feeling invincible! The importance of social distancing is a subject that has been so widely spoken up that by now – and given the magnitude of the damage done – I thought people would have understood the concept.

We’ve heard about the coronavirus challenge which had people licking public surfaces and recording it. We also know that a guy who licked a toilet seat was diagnosed with COVID-19. And God knows how many people they spread it to. Yet, we still are fighting for people to have basic common sense and for such covidiots, lockdown is actually the best because unless it’s illegal, they won’t stop.

Daily Mail reported that a group of approximately 20 influencers were having a blast at a luxury villa in Bali. They didn’t care about social distancing one bit and were seen chilling in the pool, drinking, and dancing. They had a DJ too! This party was organised to celebrate the birthday of Instagrammer Mahmoud Attiya because apparently that’s more important than lives.

The videos were originally posted by a tattoo model from UK, Tyrone Hermitt. Also, sharing one of the videos he wrote, “Social distancing plz I’m getting off.” This guy also posts things like “Would you suck ma dick after the tattoo session?” on his Twitter on a picture of a woman giving him a tattoo. Of course, he is full of himself and respects nothing. After being vehemently called out, he wrote an apology on Instagram in which he said he’d donate for the cause. As if that makes anything better – here’s some money and coronavirus for you. After this, he deactivated his account.

The birthday girl, Attiya apologised too saying, “We are very sorry for all the trouble. We had a call from security and we closed the DJ and everybody left. We totally appreciate the Bali government and immigration and their support to help avoid COVID-19.” Russian social media star Ksenia Aldoshenko and model Dorokhova Ksenia were also spotted at the party.

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Indonesia hasn’t imposed a lockdown yet but people are told to practice social distancing to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus. It’s a shame that these influencers are rather such a bad influence with their uninspiring moves.

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