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A Female Police Sub-Inspector Was Arrested For Accepting Bribe From A Rape Accused. She Failed Womanhood And Humanity

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Unfortunately, when you’re a feminist, you’re often mistaken for promoting misandry and not feminism by people who just don’t know any better. The two concepts are rather disparate, considering feminism is about promoting equality and misandry about hating men. And yet they are often used interchangeably, misrepresenting feminists as anti-men. But the matter of the fact here is that we aren’t anti-men; we are pro-women. And sometimes, that includes going against women who aren’t. Much like a female police sub-inspector who was recently arrested for accepting a bribe from a rape accused.

We aren’t surprised by men failing the women of our country but now we are hearing of one woman being another woman’s culprit. We hear of women adding to the perishment of our kind and now it just seems like no one in this day and age can be trusted to play squarely. As if men reducing women to their bodies and ravaging them wasn’t enough, now authorities and fellow women too, are putting us eons back in our fight against gender-based crimes.

In a rather unsettling piece of news, a woman Police sub-inspector was charged for accepting a bribe of Rs. 20 lakh from a rape accused, whose case she had been investigating, all so she could help not put the charge against him under the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act. And with that was lost any last remnants of hope we had from the system or humankind.

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Shweta Jadeja was put the in-charge of Mahila police station in Ahmedabad-West for the case registered in 2019, and allegedly demanded a hefty bribe of Rs. 35 lakhs from the brother of the accused (Kenal Shah), to buy her silence into making the accused go free. With this, she promised Shah to not book him under the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act (PASA) Act. Talk about the irony of seeking justice through the hands of such law-keepers.

The FIR lodged by the crime branch reveals that Shweta accepted the 20 lakhs through a middleman and had been forcing the accused to pay up the remaining 15 lakhs since February this year. Jadeja has now been booked and arrested under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The prosecutor has also commented on the matter and said, “The main point is the police need to recover Rs 20 lakh accepted by the accused. So far, the investigation has revealed the bribe money was accepted by a middleman.”

Meanwhile, Kenal Shah who is the managing director of a crop solution company in Ahmedabad and is the accused is facing two separate cases of rape, one of which was being (over)looked by Shweta Jadeja. And to think a man who has already two cases of such crimes against him was going to be set free is not just disheartening but also scary. And to think this sort of corruption coming from one woman to another looks like we have a bigger problem at our hands.

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