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A Cop In Punjab Insisted Women Make Men Do Household Work So They Don’t Wander On The Streets. Why Do Men Have To Be Told?

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Probably for the first time in decades, Indian households are learning to be independent when it comes to doing domestic duties. Unlike the west, we’ve been majorly relying on our domestic help – which explain the panic everywhere when they say they aren’t going to turn up.  But with the medical crisis plaguing the world, everyone is just focusing on staying home and staying alive. So now that the entire family is home, who does the household work? Ideally, it should be both men and women of the house because you know, both have an equal amount of time in hand. But like in several homes, I think it’s still my mom who is doing most of the work. My dad probably volunteered to help once or twice so far. The most he does is go down to get the supplies.  

I am working from home during the day and cleaning the home in evening. But men seem to be on a long vacation as they sleep, play video games, watch TV and chill at home. I am not saying all Indian men are doing this, but I feel a lot of them are. I mean, in general how many men actually take on the domestic responsibilities? If the woman is a homemaker, most men wouldn’t even bother to help. If both partners are working, it’s still the woman who is a primary person in charge of things at home.  

Recently, a video of a cop in Punjab asking the ladies to put their men to work at home, went viral. Netizens are loving it because I guess all the women definitely want their men to be more useful around the house than converting oxygen to carbon dioxide. A lot of men are violating the lockdown, because apparently they are just so bored doing nothing at home. So you know, they would rather go out putting lives in danger than taking on domestic duties.  

In the video, the cop says that given the state of the coronavirus disease in our country, it’s important that everyone must stay indoors. He went on to request the ladies that in case the men are finding it difficult to stay home because of boredom, put them to work. He urged the women to make them clean homes, terraces, utensils and clothes.  

The cop further adds that in these 21 days, the men can finally learn how to cook. The women won’t have to worry about how will they be fed when they are away.  

It’s really great that the cop is asking the men to be resourceful at home. Finally, someone is asking men to do that. And netizens are happy. I appreciate this too; I am sure he means well. The outcome is great but I don’t like the motive behind it. Women are luckily benefitting from this but was it done keeping in mind their needs and comfort? Nope. It would be great if men and women both took on home duties because it’s unfair to put it all on one person while the other puts his legs on the table and watches TV for hours. It shouldn’t have been to “help” men find something to do at home. Why is it that women are supposed to do it and men can be very generous and help out?  

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The cop also said that when the men are at home, women must give them tasks. If they get out of their homes, the police will handle them. So “if” they don’t want to rest at home, they can work, is what the cop said. Firstly, can we stop relieving men of all responsibilities and treating them like children? Why must they be given tasks? They don’t have their own brains? And why is it optional for them to be active at home? Women don’t have the option to kick back and just rest. Like I said, if the men get to work because of this, the outcome is great. But I can’t say the same for the ideology behind it.  

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