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A Contestant Forcibly Tried To Kiss Neha Kakkar On Indian Idol. Why Don’t Indians Get The Concept Of Consent?

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There was a time, still is sometimes, when during my concerts held during my shower that I play out my desire to be a huge star.  It’s kind of hard to not be sold on the idea. But then again, only if it were all that rosy as advertised. Like any other profession, being a celebrity also comes with an occupational hazard, and sadly it’s the same thing that makes them feel alive too – their cherished fan base, are the ones that overestimate their entitlement. We are talking about this one particular fan on the sets of Indian Idol, when he forcibly tried to kiss the singer and judge Neha Kakkar.

The show, that has often been in the limelight less for its content and more for its controversy, thanks to Anu Malik, a #MeToo accused sitting in the panel of judges, the show has once again hit the headlines, and to Anu Malik’s relief, not because of his misconduct this time, but because of somebody else’s. A singing show often has a lot of contestants coming in to audition for the platform, many of who express their liking towards the judges in the panel and request to either to shake hands with them or even sing a song with them. Which is why when a similar request was raised by a fan and contestant for Neha Kakkar, no one saw it going south.

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The guy, who also had Neha’s name tattooed on his forearm, took her hand and proposed to her for marriage on the stage. Taking it in light humour, the singer just laughed, accepted the stuff he had gotten for her and settled in for a friendly hug. But, the contestant, with his sense of desperation and entitlement pouring in equal amounts, jumped at the occasion and forced a kiss on Neha’s cheek without consent.

All the people. including Aditya Narayan who was hosting the show, and the judges were not just appalled by it but also taken aback from the kind of audacity the man had, to try and kiss a woman like that, with no remorse.Clearly, the concept of consent is lost to all men in this country. And not just this, Sony TV didn’t make matters better by promoting the clip in their episode promos to rake up the TRPs for the show. But of course, TRPs weren’t the only things that were rising, for judge Vishal Dadlani seemed to have lost his temper too, as he tweeted, “I suggested that the Police be called, but Neha decided to let the guy off the hook. He definitely needs psychiatric help, and we will try to help him get that, if we can. #IndianIdol11.”

And he shouldn’t have been let off this easy. We need to understand and register in our minds, the fact that celebrities entertain us, on and off-screen as part of their jobs, but in no way to be treated this way. We need to learn to give them their space, and calm our titties down when we’re having a starstruck moment. Because all it takes from being starstruck to just struck (tight and on the face), is one such uncalled for kiss.

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