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A Bride In Pakistan Wore Jewelry Made Out Of Tomatoes At Her Wedding Wtf Is Happening?

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I think of myself as a creative person. Like I can make flowers out of ribbons. I can turn a carrot peel into a kind of hurt but still a flower thing. You get the drift. I can think outside the box. But there’s outside the box and then there’s so far away from the box, the box is a mere dot to you. This is the kind of ‘creative’ thinking I imagine this Pakistani bride has. Because she used tomatoes.

Nope, not for the soup at her wedding. Or for the salan or for the deliciously aromatic biryani. This bride chose to make/use raw tomatoes for her jewellery.

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Yes you read that right! Not gold, not silver not even artificial metal, the Pakistani bride whose unusual choice has made her a hot topic on social media, chose to don jewelry made out of tomatoes for her big day, was quite nonchalant about it. Like this was something everyone does on the daily. And the reason she gave for making that out-of-the-box decision was something we honestly couldn’t have guessed. She said, “Sone ke bhaav bahut mehenge ho rahe hain. Tamatar aur chilgoze bhi bahut mehenge ho rahe hain, issliye maine apni shaadi pe sone ki jagah pe tamatar pehne hain (Gold prices are on the rise. Tomatoes and pine nuts have also become very expensive. That is why I chose to wear tomatoes instead of gold on my wedding.”) And we’re not even kidding, but we really wished she was.

And okay, we agree with the fact that with recession kicking in and the prices of commodities reaching the sky, it has been a rather difficult time to make ends meet, but never did we imagine in our wildest dreams that it would actually force people to wear fruits/vegetables (?) as accessories. Who knows, maybe later they used it for a wholesome serving of salad at the dinner table too, and if you try to look at the silver lining here, this could be a real kick-starter for a sustainable organic kind of a wedding trend.

The two-and-a-half minute interview clipping of the bride that is already going viral on the internet has attracted all sorts of reactions from the netizens and has already garnered more than 1.3 million views. There are also people who suspect it to be a spoof (and can we really blame them?), while others have accepted it as the coming of kalyug, considering it looks awfully close to that one dialogue from the movie 3 idiots where Sharman Joshi talks about a futuristic time when paneer would be so expensive, it would be sold at the goldsmith’s shop. Guess tomatoes took the lead here, because apparently tomato jewelry is a thing now!

For interested brides, the rate going on for tomatoes is Rs. 300 per kg in a lot of parts of the country and maybe you’d like to start stocking up before it gets higher! As for us, call us old school, but we’d still rather have it in our salad than being bedecked in it. But hey, full marks on innovation!

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