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A Boy In 6th Standard Has Been Accused Of Blackmailing A 21-Year-Old Woman Asking Her To Sext With Him. WTF Is Going On?

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A couple of days ago, when a bunch of school boys were outed for exchanging derogatory and sexual remarks about women, it sparked a country-wide debate on just how much were the parents to be blamed here. And how young the kids were. You see, for a teenager to have the kind of conversations that these young men were having, to be openly discussing and dissing women, has to stem out of somewhere. Whether it is their access to social media at a young age, the company they keep, the lack of their parent’s involvement in their lives to keep a check, or in our opinion – all of the above, it is (un)safe to say that we seriously need to relook at how we are raising our men.

Now more than ever because the stories emerging are worrying. A boy studying in class 6th has been accused of harassing a 21-year-old woman. The guy is student from a school in Ghaziabad, and the guy who we imagine is barely 12 or 13 had been threatening a 21-year-old girl by sending her morphed images of her he had gathered from social media. In exchange, the boy demanded her to either pay up cash or indulge in a sex chat with the boy. .

Turns out, both the victim and the accused involved were part of the same Telegram group, which is where the guy must’ve gotten hold of her number. The woman, who was receiving these messages tried to keep it to herself and even switched off her phone to avoid what was coming. However, it was when her parents asked her to confide in them, that the matter was uncovered and they lodged a complaint at a police station.

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They said, ” Most of his initial messages were about studies. It seemed he gradually wanted to develop a rapport with her.” The boy had sent across a total of 18 images to her, and shared his intention of either settling for money or exchanging lewd messages with the woman. The SHO of Kavi Nagar Police Station, Mohammad Aslam has shared how an FIR had been registered against unidentified persons under sections 507 (criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication) and 386 (extortion by putting a person in fear of death or grievous hurt) of the IPC.

Upon preliminary investigation, it has been shared that the boy was 12 years old and has further claimed that, “He said someone had hacked his account and circulated the messages. We have asked the social media company to share with us all information they have regarding the exchange of messages. The cyber team is tracing the IP address.”

Whether or not this boy was guilty of such blackmail and hideous thinking, we are yet to find out, but the fact that we weren’t shocked is telling that we’re being systematically desensitised because of the number of cases that we’ve been hearing of.  We need to pay more attention to the kids and ensure that they’re being raised right with values that include respecting women, and not blackmailing them.

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