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A 7-Foot Tall Penis-Shaped Statue Has Gone Missing From A Town In Germany. Just What Is The Thief Going To Do With It?

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A huge part of my job is looking out for funny and bizarre things that happen around the world. And trust me, they happen more often than you think. From people putting contraceptive pills in their shampoos to a man getting married to a sex doll. There is something really wrong with the world. But hey, better bizarre than boring right? The latest absurd incident that left us in splits comes all the way from Germany. A 7-foot tall penis-shaped statue has gone missing. Don’t ask me how. This piece of news really put a zinger in my rather dull day. 

The sudden disappearance of this “cultural monument” is now a matter of police investigations. The gigantic phallic statue, popularly known as the Holzpenis, was said to attract tourists from all around the world.  I am not surprised that a whole lot of people want to go and see a giant penis. 

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A local newspaper said that the 2-meter-tall sculpture appeared to have been chopped down over the weekend. All that was left in its place was a pile of sawdust on top of the 1738-meter high Gruenten Mountain, where the statue originally stood. So now, the German police are looking for a giant penis statue. Tell me that doesn’t make you laugh. Would it be too inappropriate to put a picture of the missing statue on milk cartons?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the creator of the statue. It had just turned up on the mountain a few years ago and then became a famous tourist attraction. In November, the statue had fallen and had become a meme subject on social media. You can see why a fallen penis meme would be hilarious. But then it was put back up and a local brewery even named a beer after this penis-statue. And now, in a bizarre crime, it has been stolen. 

Up until now, I thought the most bizarre robbery was a bus stop in Mumbai getting stolen. But now I might have to rethink a lot of things. Also, what would someone want with a giant penis statue? I understand people are lonely in this lockdown but I am scared to know what they did with this statue. *Shudders*. I am completely baffled and extremely amused at this entire thing.

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