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A 62-Year-Old Woman From Gujarat Started Her Dairy At Home And Has Sold Milk Worth Rs 1 Crore In The Last Year

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In my experience, the best way to start your day is to read about something positive and inspirational first thing in the morning. It will keep your spirits high and ensure that you get through the day. The thing is, amid all the health scares, political disturbances, natural disasters, it feels like  2021 is an extension of 2020,  and a small piece of positive news can go a long way. And what’s better than talking about a woman who, despite all odds, built a profitable business from the ground up. This 62-year-old woman from Gujarat sold milk worth Rs 1 crore in one year. She is truly an inspiration. 

Navalben Dalsangbhai Chaudhary, who hails from Nagana village in Banaskantha district, defied all odds when she opened her own dairy at home. According to reports, she has broken every record by selling milk worth a staggering Rs 1.10 crore in 2020, earning a profit of Rs 3.50 lakh every month. Unsurprisingly, she has caused a mini-revolution in her district. This has got me thinking, am I in the wrong profession? No matter how much money though, I certainly don’t want to open a dairy. 

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Navalben started her milk company at home only last year. However, now she has 80 buffaloes and 45 cows that cater to the dairy needs of people in several villages. She milks her cows every morning and has 15 employees working for her. 

The 62-year-old businesswoman says that she has four sons but they all earn significantly less than her. She said, “I have four sons who are studying and working in cities. I run a dairy of 80 buffaloes and 45 cows. In 2019, I sold milk worth Rs 87.95 lakh and was the first in the Banaskantha district in this case. I am also number one by selling milk worth Rs.1 crore 10 lakh in 2020.” This really proves that if you are willing to persevere, you can milk the business for all its money. In Navalben’s case, literally.  

Her achievements were recognized with two Lakshmi Awards and three Best Pashupalak Awards in Banaskantha district. 

Navalben is an inspiration!

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