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A 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur, Aalya Vora, Has Developed A Product To Combat Smelly Shoes

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There was a time when girls and women were told their sole purpose in life was to get married and bear children. But we have come a long way since then and now, thankfully, women can have careers. But you already know that. However, today we are talking about a 16-year-old entrepreneur who has developed a product that combats a very relevant problem- stinky shoes. She had a different kind of sole purpose.  Her business is only growing and we are so inspired. 

Smelly shoes is a huge problem for everyone living in a city like Mumbai. It’s humid all year round. Which means smelly shoes stay smelly for a long time. To combat this persistent problem, 16-year old Mumbai-based footballer Aalya Vora developed a product called Sili-Dry. Isn’t that a catchy name? 

Sili-Dry comes in the form of a small sack filled with a drying agent that absorbs moisture that helps dry shoes quickly. It also prevents odours and deters the growth of fungus, keeping shoes clean fresh. The logo on the sack changes colour once it gets saturated, making the product intuitive to use. Not only that, but the product is also reusable and has many other uses around the house. Astonishingly, a 16-year-old entrepreneur has developed it. 

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Aalya was compelled to make this product because as a football player her shoes never dried in time for each practice. That made them smelly too. And obviously, washing them every night is not a feasible option. So, Aalya did what most of us wouldn’t do and took matters into her own hands. We are just so floored by her. 

However, Sili-Dry is not Aalya’s not product. The young entrepreneur also developed another one called Odor-Go. It’s an absorbent-filled sack that leaves bathrooms, refrigerators, dustbins, and cabinets smelling pleasant by absorbing odours. Her products are quite affordable and she has already catered to over 500 clients. 

Aalya is an inspiration and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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