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A 16-Year-Old Boy In UP Hung Himself Because Of The Constant Bullying He Had To Face For Being Transgender.

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It is said that suicide, more than being a tragedy is a crime. It is as if the act of taking one’s own life, is an escape for weak people who wouldn’t have survived in this world anyway. And while everyone talks about the suicide, no one ever really talks about what led someone to a place so dark, they couldn’t come back. The pressure, the stress, the anxiety, the overwhelming feeling of not belonging, anything and everything that we might have been privy to, we conveniently leave out, and let the cause of death be ruled as his own doing. Where as in reality, can we really wash our hands off the responsibility?

Barely sixteen years old, a boy that put up in Subhash Nagar, Bareilly was recently founded hanging in his home. The incident that took place after the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput hit the channels, seems to have triggered the kid’s own mindset, for he too had been going through a lot of bullying by his peers. His younger brother even said, “A day before ending his life, my brother had said when an actor like Sushant Singh could commit suicide, then he too could do it.”

It was revealed in his suicide note that the reason he decided to take his life was in fact the way he used to be bullied and harassed  by his schoolmates, for being transgender. His note read, “I have girl-like features and even my face is like them. people laugh at me. Even I have started feeling as I am a ‘kinnar’. My life will darken your life and that is the reason why my death is necessary. Please bless me that I take birth as a girl. If a girl is born in our family, then you must believe that I have returned.”

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He was a teenager, with an impressionable mindset and was probably still coming to terms with his sexuality. His father shared how he used to love cooking and would often put on make up and dance too. However, none of that gave anyone the right to pass derogatory comments on him and brand him with words like ‘kinnar’, which reduce him to a label than a person.

His father said, “My son was normal, but a few people, including my relatives, misunderstood him and used to pass absurd comments at him and would make fun of him. ” And that so called ‘harmless’ fun and discrimination of a 16 year old, has now caused a parent to lose a child showing us how we’ve failed the youth of our country. Giving into the taboos and stereotypes built against the LGBTQ+ community, making them feel outcast, especially kids who are still so young and deserve better, is a job we all have.

There needs to be put an end to such ridicule and discrimination, for we can’t let other bully people to an extent where death seems like the only escape. Yes, there could have been better ways to deal with the situation, but as a kid, he was wronged and we can’t overlook that.

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