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9 Gifts To Give Your BFF On Friendship Day To Make Her Feel Loved And Special

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What’s friendship for me? Insulting each other and not feeling bad, crying together, telling them the colour of my boyfriend’s underwear, sending them pictures from a trial room etc. This is what friendship is to me. I have a lot of friends but there are very few people that I would die for. I remember in school I was such a friend-slut. I would go around tying friendship bands to everyone and anyone.

I am a very affectionate person. I am easily attached to anyone that is slightly nice to me and that’s why my friends I am still single because I scare the boys away. If you have anyone to scare, then just msg me. That’s why I am surrounded by a lot of people but there are also those special people that can turn my frown upside down anytime of the day.

So, the only day to celebrate these beautiful people in my life is coming right around the corner and to appreciate their effort and love here are some gifts that you can give to that friend in your life who has been with you through thick and thin. And I am not talking in terms of weight.

This gift is perfect for the one who is a pain in the ass but you love her anyway ’cause there’s nobody else you would want to call your best friend other than her.

D you think this is cute? Do you think that your BFF would have bought it on the basis of it looking cute and not necessary? Then you should absolutely get her this bag. I might even send the link to my friend because, how adorable is this?

Perfect pair of juttis for the one who loves to jump to conclusions, but in style.

We all have that one friend who loves watches. If they could then they would buy a whole store of and it still won’t be enough. So, this is the perfect for the unpunctual friend who loves watches. The irony!

What is a better gift than this set for someone who loves to take care of their skin?

Do you have a Monica in your life who is always unable to tame her hair? Then this shampoo is the perfect gift for her. Now, let’s hope she doesn’t get shells on her hair.

Have you been trying to get you friend to start her skincare and she refuses? This kit is the perfect way to get her started with her skincare routine.

Is your friend a stylish diva and loves to fill her closet with everything fashionable? Then this is the perfect gift for her. I mean, once this is all over, I bet she will have a place to wear this to.

Maybe she can’t get rid of her problems but can definitely get rid of the dirt and grime with this scrub.

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