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9 Adorable Ways To Get Romantic With Your Partner This Monsoon

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The monsoon is one the most romantic seasons of the year. The temperatures are low, and the occasional flood day gives us the perfect excuse to spend time indoors with our loved ones. Plus, when it comes to monsoon romance, Bollywood has set the standard so high that we’re bound to draw some inspiration from there, right?

The sweet feeling of sitting by the window, watching the rain pour down, while you get cosy with a cup of coffee is the best feeling in the world. And if you have someone to share those moments with, nothing like it. So, instead of cribbing about the weather, we say, enjoy it while it lasts. Here are 9 adorable ways to get romantic with the love of your life, this season!

inpost-romantic monsoon-long drive

1. Go on a long drive around town

Drive around town in the rains with some nostalgic tracks playing in the background. If you are up for it, occasionally roll your windows down, and let the rain hit your face.

inpost-romantic monsoon-candlelight date

2. Set up a candle light dinner by the window

Spend some time cooking a nice meal with your partner, and then enjoy it over candle light. Set up a table for two by the window, so you can hear the rhythmic rain drops in the background.

inpost-romantic monsoon-reading book

3. Read a book together

Spend some time, snuggled up on the couch, reading a book together, or listen to an audio book while you ponder upon the story. And no, it doesn’t need to be a cheesy romantic novel.

inpost-romantic monsoon-kissing in the rain

4. Kiss a lot

The best kisses happen in the rain. So, spend some time with your partner in bed, and indulge in a great makeout or cuddle sesh. Can’t go wrong with that.

inpost-romantic monsoon-listening to music

5. Listen to music together

Share a pair of earphones and listen to your favourite music together. Or turn up the volume on your home speakers while you slow dance in your living room.

inpost-romantic monsoon-getting wet in the rain

6. Get wet in the rain

Pretend like you both are kids all over again. Go up to your terrace or stand in the balcony, and go crazy in the rain. Let yourself go, and enjoy the moment.

inpost-romantic monsoon-sharing umbrella

7. Share an umbrella with him

That cosy feeling when two people in love are stuck together under one umbrella is the best thing in the world. Although both of you guys will probably get wet, it’s still worth the fun!

inpost-romantic monsoon-sharing coffee

8. Have a cuppa coffee together

Brew some nice coffee or make some delicious tea (if you’re a tea person), and have a nice cosy time with your partner.

inpost-romantic monsoon-sharing pizza

9. Indulge in a movie marathon

And order pizza while you’re at it. This is the perfect time to catch up on all the movies you’ve missed. So go ahead, and binge-watch guilt-free! Light a sweet-smelling candle to set the mood right!


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