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8 Types Of People To Avoid At Diwali Parties

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Diwali is around the corner. Which means fairy lights, diyas and the inevitable Diwali parties. We have a love-hate relationship with the taash party season. We love the spirit, but hate the fuss around it! We love seeing our loved ones, but hate the drama that sometimes comes with it. So, if you want to avoid drama this time around, avoid these people:

1. The one who is out to go bankrupt while gambling

You know that person who just keeps raising the stakes? Yes, that one. Avoid unless you want to spend the next year making up for what you lost.

2. The one who wants to get everyone hammered

Yes, it is our favourite festival. Yes, it’s amazing. But it doesn’t mean that you subject your liver to the worse in one night. There’s always that one person who wants to get everyone else drunk, but will stay more or less sober themselves!

3. The one you see only at Diwali parties but insists on wanting to know everything about you!

Of course, there are a lot of people we meet only during the festive season at some party hosted by some mutual friend. They are our party friend, and that’s cool. But out of these, some people think that they are your best friend for this one night of the year and wants to know EVERYTHING. It’s just nosey and annoying, frankly.

4. The one who can’t stop bragging about the upcoming wedding season

You know that person who has been invited to the upcoming weddings of who’s who in your city? They want everyone to know! And they will tell this to anyone who will listen. Unfortunately, your ear has been found worthy by this person.

5. The ex who brings drama with them

No, thank you! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

6. Those toxic rishtedaars you grew up hating on.

It may be important for your parents to have them around, so be civil and cordial. But, you don’t need to bond with them just because it’s Diwali.

7. The one who’s here just for the drama

Whether that’s with the host, the guests, an ex, or just generally with themselves. If there is someone at the party wearing their sob story on their sleeve, you don’t have to sit and listen to them. This is not the time and place for it!

8. The one who wants to control everything…

From when drinks shall be poured to how much stake to play.. come on, dude! It’s a party!


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