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8 Types Of Couples We All Know IRL

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In your 20s, it feels like everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is in a relationship. Even if YOU are not in a relationship, your friends are, or their friends are.

From the amusing ones to the downright annoying duos, if you haven’t met these 8 types of couples already, you’ve probably seen them on social media. So, here goes…

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1. The Selfie Couple

They will share every little detail of their love life on Facebook or Instagram. They will bombard you with pictures of them eating out, travelling, walking, talking, pouting… and they just won’t stop! Plus, they  check in together wherever they go.

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2. The Baby-Talking Couple

They call each other cute, highly annoying names like babu, shona, cutie, coochie poo, honey, sugar and what not. Let’s be honest, we all wish we were deaf around this type of couple.

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3. The PDA couple

These couples show their affection towards their partner whenever and wherever they feel like (which is all the time), without thinking of their poor friends. To put it simply, it’s highly awkward around them.

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4. The Break-Up Couple

They bitch about each other one day, and can’t keep their hands off each other the next. They fight a lot and keep breaking up. The worst part is they make their friends deal with all the drama in between!

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5. The Inseparable Couple

You will always see them together. They won’t leave each other’s hands, and let the other one out of their sight for even a minute.  Even if you’re having a girl’s night out, they come together! Yes, you know who we’re talking about.

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6. The “It’s Complicated” Couple

They’re always talking to each other, they care about each other, they get jealous of anyone else being around the other… regular couple behaviour, but they just won’t put a label on it. Why? ‘Cause it’s complicated!

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7. The Fighters

You will always see them yelling, angry or hating each other, yet they never ever break up. Why are these two even together?

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8. The Peas In A Pod

They are the ones who are made for each other. They understand and complement each other so well, and TBH, it makes you a tad jealous at times. But you’re always happy to be around them too.


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