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8 Things You Can Do If You’re Planning To Stay In This Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve is meant to stay in with your family. To share laughs over hot chocolate, to snuggle up by the fireplace (if you have one) and to snack on treats!  If you’re feeling bad that you don’t have any plans of hitting town during this wonderful winter festival, fret not! We get that maybe you want to go out and enjoy the weather, or eat a nice meal at a nicer restaurant, or go Christmas shopping in all these crazy sales that are on, but hey, staying in isn’t so bad! Whether you’re alone or with family, or your partner, or friends, here are 8 things you can do while at home:


1. Make a batch of eggnog


Eggnog is a traditional whiskey drink with some spices, that tastes delicious and warms you right up. It’s super, super easy to whip up! The best part is that you can preserve it for the next few days. Sip away!


2. Bake cookies / cake

Christmas and baking just somehow seem inseparable! How can you not bake on this festival that is all about cookies and cakes?


3. Mull that wine!

It will make your house smell delightful with the aroma of the spices you will need to simmer. It will warm your body, and it’s a great drink to serve to guests!


4. Have a Christmas movie marathon

There are so many out there – the great ones, the good ones, the bad ones, the terrible ones; stack them all up! Watch on loop!


5. Host a game night

There must be some Christmas special games, right?


6. Snuggle up in your warm and cosy blanket, and catch up on your reading

This one’s always always always worth it!


7. Start a DIY project

Maybe you’ve been wanting to repaint those chairs? Or, make a painting for that empty wall? Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to try your hand at flower arrangements? Today is a good day to start!


8. Make some DIY New Year’s presents!

Because you can never be too prepared or too kind!


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