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8 Things Every Girl In A Long Distance Relationship Needs To Know!

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Give a regular relationship three months, and you’ll take the hugs and kisses, the dinner dates, and the late-night, hand-in-hand strolls for granted. (We guarantee!) But not with a long distance relationship. When you can’t see your partner for several weeks, and maybe even months at a stretch, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) is taken for granted.

I’m not gonna lie; long distance relationships can be tough. But like they say, distance means so little when someone means so much! So, yes, we learn to make it work. But it doesn’t hurt to keep some things in mind when you’re in a long distance relationship.

After being in an LDR for over 7 years, I speak from experience when I say that these are the things every girl needs to know before she gets into a long distance relationship.

inpost-long distance relationship-concentrate on yourself

1. Concentrate on yourself too

Sure, your SO might not be around, but that doesn’t mean your life must stop. Concentrate on being who you are even without him, and make sure that you continue living your own life. Go sign up for that salsa class, learn something new, read a lot, and meet up with your friends. You’ll be happier for it.

2. Patience is the key to sustenance

Be patient with regard to the day-to-day stuff as well as the long term plans. You don’t need to keep checking his ‘last seen’ status to know if he was on the phone or not. Trust him to reply or call you back when he’s free!  He’s not trying to avoid you. You just need to have a little patience!

inpost-long distance relationship-dont crib

3. Don’t crib over the small stuff

Getting mad at your boyfriend when he can’t make it for a Skype call because he’s stuck at work, may just ruin your day, and his as well. Let go of the small stuff and concentrate on the bigger picture, like the fact that he called you back as soon as he was done with work.

4. Honesty over everything else

It’s natural to want to brush stuff under the carpet, especially because you get so little time with each other. But being honest about your feelings towards EVERYTHING will really help your relationship in the long run. If there are issues, make sure to talk about them openly. It might just help clear the air.

inpost-long distance relationship-expectations

5. Don’t have unreasonable expectations

Having too many expectations in a long distance relationship often sets you up for disappointment. Whether it is the time difference, work commitments, family or financial problems, there will be several things on a day-to-day basis that may not go according to plan. Cut him some slack, girl!

6. Focus on a relationship goal

You want to avoid a situation where you want to get married by the end of the year, and he is still applying for a Masters course somewhere. Make sure both of you are on the same page with regard to where your relationship is going. Having a goal never hurt anyone.


7. Communication is EVERYTHING

What do you have in a relationship when you can’t go on dates, hug or kiss your partner, hold hands, or even physically see them?! Communication! And thank god for technology that makes it so much easier. Work on your communication, and even make it a priority.

8. It won’t be a piece of cake

Last but not the least, you need to know that a long distance relationship won’t be a piece of cake. You will have to work extra hard to maintain this relationship. But hey, if you love your partner, it will definitely come naturally to you. Just, don’t give up 🙂


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