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75-Year-Old Woman In Madurai Killed By Her Sons Because She Gave Her Daughters A Share In Her Property.

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The kind of world we live in, where compassion is a lost concept and hatred is the only emotion that people stock up on, at least towards all women, nothing seems impossible anymore. With brutal hate crimes making headlines every day, women being killed or raped every hour, no matter how much we claim that times are changing for women, we are far from a world that will be okay with us being treated like equals. And we say this after witnessing  humanity hit a new low after a bunch  of sons and grandsons colluded to murder their own mother, all because she decided to give a share of her property to her daughter along with her sons.

The incident took place in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, where an elderly woman was brutally killed by her own children after she decided to give her daughters a share in her will. Identified as M Pappa, the deceased woman had a family of four sons and three daughters, out of which two sons had passed away. Two of the daughters too had lost their husbands and had been living with the mother since then.

75-year-old Pappa who owned about 2.75 acres of land, wanted to divide her property among her children for she was growing older. However, when she disclosed that she was dividing the property between all of her children, including the daughters, the sons found a bone to pick with her.

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Urging their mother to give away the estate only to the sons, they told their mother that they would give some money to their sisters and they asked her to not give any share to them. When Pappa refused to give into their advice and stuck to her choice of giving away her land equally to all her children, the sons along with their grandsons decided to take the matters into their hands.

Kannan, Ponram and their sons- K Sivan, P Ragu and P Ganesan, with the help of a woman, killed their mother in cold blood and did not stop just there. After killing her, it was also reported that they assaulted Pappa’s husband Muthukaruppan too, when he made an attempt to rescue her from her sons. The incident was reported to the police by the sister. Currently on the run, the 5 men fled the scene soon after they gave such a cruel fate to their mother, and are being chased by the police.

The police commented, “Though the law ensures equal rights to sons and daughters in the ancestral property, the villagers are not following it. Only those women, who ask for equal share, get it. But it happens very rarely. Moreover, the dowry given to the girls during their marriage is also counted during partition.” With men having been conditioned to exude a right over everything simply because of their gender, it is  not the threat of abandoning age old traditions that bothers them, but abandoning their power that irks them.

Apparently the idea of a woman obtaining anything alongside of men is so appalling to the society, to the very sons that she gave birth to that they thought it was better to sacrifice their own mother than split some land with their sister. And sadly, this is not the only time such news of riled up men attacking women has come up. The chauvinistic society we live in still refuses to give women an equal standing in the world and to placate egos and power, they are ready to slay throats.

Women reserve an equal right on a parent’s property and gone are the days when they would be shoved aside for every privilege that their male counterparts get. It is about time men register these changes without having losing their humanity or minds over it.

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