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7 Ways To Get Along With Your Boyfriend’s Friends

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If you thought meeting his parents is intimidating, then you probably haven’t given too much thought to meeting his friends! The truth is that his chaddi buddies probably know him better than even his parents do, and the pressure of getting along with them is definitely high.

To a guy, his male friends are his ‘bros’, and he definitely turns to them for advice on all the big decisions of his life. So yes, you’re probably going to hang out with them some time pretty soon. That said, don’t you worry! You’re awesome, they just need to see it.

Here are some tips to help you get along with your boyfriend’s friends, and (how should we say this?) pass the test.

Be present in the setting - talk about the music the place

1. Show interest in his friends

Sure you want them to like you, but don’t just blabber away. Talk to them about their life, their career, hobbies, interests, you get the drift. Ask questions, but not too many. And when it comes to sharing, make sure not to overshare. You don’t want a TMI situation.

2. Don’t expect to be the centre of attention

As much as you would love your boyfriend to give you all his attention, when his friends are around, that might not be the case. Don’t give him a hard time by making him choose you over his friends. That’s a decision he really doesn’t want to make.

allow your bf to have time alone with them

3. Allow your boyfriend to spend alone time with them

You really don’t want to be that girlfriend who is ALWAYS hanging around, like even on boy’s night out! Give them space, and let him enjoy his time with his friends, while you have a slumber party of your own or catch up on things you love to do.

4. Keep your phone away

If you ask us, this should be a rule when hanging out with anybody, not just his friends. Although stacking up phones in the centre of the table doesn’t always work, make sure you are not glued to your phone, ignoring them the whole time.

5. Be present in the moment

Every time you hang out with them, try to be present in the moment. Talk about the music at the club or the ambience of the place. Engage in a conversation that is relevant, and ensures no one will feel left out.

invite them at certain occasions

6. Invite them for certain occasions

Celebrating his birthday or maybe his promotion? Initiate a plan that involves his friends as well. They will definitely notice that you are putting in effort to hang out with them. Plus, who doesn’t love a great party planner?

7. Be yourself, don’t stress out too much

Last, but definitely most important of all, don’t try to be someone you’re not. You don’t need to go out of your way to impress anybody! Be yourself, whether it is jamming to 90s’ rock n’ roll at a club, or eating a vegan meal when you’re with them.


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