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7 Unconventional Picture Ideas For You And Your Bridesmaids

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Most of us have been planning our weddings since we were very young. I know I want a small intimate wedding by the beach with just 100 of my closest people. At the end of the day though, having the wedding you’ve always wanted boils down to how perfectly you have planned it. From the venue, all the way down to the minute detailing of the flowers needs to be planned, way in advance.

What you also need to plan are the pictures you want to take back from the wedding. After all, those pictures will eventually be the only tangible thing you will have to cherish for life. You have planned the pre-wedding shoot with your fiance, the family pictures you want to take but what about the pictures with your girls? Those are equally important as well! So, to make your life a little simpler here are seven ideas that will bring out the fun, crazy, quirky relationship you share with your best friends. Take a look!

The must-click picture before all the madness starts

Weddings are crazy. Once the functions begin, you as the woman of the hour will have absolutely no time to savour the moments. That is why you need this one picture with your girls before everything hits the roof. All the inside jokes, the secrets, the laughing at random things, the deep conversations all of it captured in one simple frame. PS: Make it candid!

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The one that shows your love for flowers!

All hail the queen of the day! As the bride, it is your day and everyone is there to celebrate it with you. Especially, your best friends! Them showering you with flowers will make it the perfect Insta-worthy shot. The photographer might need to click like 10 of these before getting the ideal picture, but hey it is worth it. Besides, this would also make for a great boomerang!

The bride’s entourage

Do you know what the best part about having an entourage is? Capturing it in an adorable picture like this one. Besides, you and girls have been playing dress-up for so long now this is practically a mandatory shot. Put those bridesmaids of yours to work, they are there to ensure you look picture-perfect all the time! *coughs* Bridezilla alert!

Don’t want the bride to leave?

I love my best friend but I also know that once she gets married, it won’t be the same. That is one of the reasons I wish she’d get married and still stay here. Maybe that way, things will still be the same. But if I am being realistic, that is not quite possible, is it? If you can relate to that emotion, this might be the perfect shot for you. It is fun and cute but it still shows how much you’re going to miss your friend!

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The perfect haldi moment

The only way a haldi is done correctly is if you get down and dirty! Where is the fun in having a clean haldi? And of course, that will make for a picture-worthy moment. Trust me, it will make for an adorable image that you can treasure forever! Get the photographer ready as soon as you see your friends stepping up and just enjoy them smearing all that haldi all over you!

The not-so-sober picture

The only thing that flows more than tears at a wedding, is alcohol. These not-so-sober pictures of you and friends are amazing since that is where you’ll are your candid selves. Besides, no good wedding stories begin “remember, that time we had salad and tried to click a picture?”

The one with all the dancing

A celebration that doesn’t end with you dancing with your BFF’s is not a celebration! That is what makes this picture a compulsion. Don’t miss out on this. Years later when you look back at all these pictures, this one will stand out making it one of your favourite memories.

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