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7 Time-Saving Diwali Cleaning Hacks That Work!

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At other times of the year, every mom’s biggest concern is Tupperware dabbas and their lids. Come Diwali, and every corner is up to scrutiny, every nook and cranny sees the broom and dust bunnies have no place to hide.  House cleaning becomes a family activity with mom’s being in charge, expecting military precision while the rest of us drag our feet and end up in sibling fights.

So, if you are in the middle of Diwali cleaning and need the mothership to back off a little bit and calm down, we have a few hacks that are really useful. Read up!

1. Make Your Walls Look Brand New With These Tricks

Whether it is sealing a nail dent or removing old Barbie stickers from your walls, these hacks will ensure that your walls look brand new, just in time for the festivities.

2. Clean your fan with a pillow case

The ceiling fan is a silent collector of dirt and no room is really clean till you’ve cleaned the fan.  Fan cleaning really means cleaning it and then sweeping and mopping the entire room to pick up the dust that flew across the room. Use this hack to make sure all the dirt is collected in one place. Saves time and energy. Thank us later.

3. DIY a solution to clean mirrors and windows

Create this mixture right from the comforts of your home in order to keep all the mirrors and windows flawless. And it’s better than just water!

4. Clean and protect your tiles for the long run

Cleaning tiles can be a tedious task and can require several do-overs.  Unless it is done strategically, and you’ve thought it through.  Use this hack to get your floors clean in one go.

5. Use lemon for leaning bathroom faucets

Scrub some lemon on all the rusted bathroom faucets and watch the grime melt away. This fuss-free, one-ingredient hack is definitely a time and energy saver.

6. Clean the shower head with vinegar

This quick and easy hack is perfect to clean the shower head without getting tired or scrubbing it for hours on end. Follow this trick to get a shower head as good as brand new in a matter of minutes.

7. Cleaning the AC inside out

If you were to asked to clean an air conditioner you wouldn’t have even known where to begin. Here is a fuss free tutorial for you to clean your AC so that you can get filtered cool air every day.


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