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7 Things You Will Relate To If Chai Is Your Jaan And You Can’t Live Without It

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Growing up I never understood my family’s obsession with chai. It felt like they sipped chai all day long, chugging it down like it’s their last day on the planet and they will never get to have tea again. In fact, I would get very annoyed by them having so much tea. They had almost five cups of tea a day and needed no excuse to do so.

Well, I was young and naive to understand this obsession, but when you are surrounded by tea obsessed people, you are eventually dragged into this black hole yourself. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Every time someone says “chai” I dramatically turn around like in the movies and then slowly make a run for it with my mug. Yes, it’s thoda dramatic but if you love chai as much as me then you will understand. And TBH I have made friends with people only because of the same obsession as me. So, if you are like me also, then you will totally relate to this article.

Wake Up Thinking About Chai

Are your first words “Chai hai?” to your mom as soon as you wake up? You are even willing to go to work late because you have to finish your cup of tea peacefully or else you can’t function during the day.

Saying YES Every Time

Even though you have had a cup just an hour ago you will still yes to the second cup. Because who even says no to tea?

Alcohol And Chakna? Hell No!

Yes, alcohol and chakna maybe be amazing, but you can’t imagine having any other beverage with your snacksĀ other than chai. At least, not during cold winter nights, breezy evenings or with your sutta breaks.

Crying Over Spilled Milk

You are easily upset when the chai isn’t perfect and/or it has too much milk in it. It probably ruins your day and you just want the day to end already because you can’t stand the horrifying experience you had.

You Cannot Live Without It

God forbid if you don’t get a single cup of chai the whole day, your crankiness levels surpass the safety limit and being around you is nothing short of being on a battle ground.

You Turn Into A Greyhound

Your sense of smell gets higher when someone is making a cup of tea in another part of the world too. You can smell tea every time someone is making a cup in the kitchen while you have locked up yourself in the room. Your mom sometimes uses this is a trick to get you off your bed!

Chai Over Party

You prefer sitting at home with a good book or Netflix and a cup of warm chai in your hand. Who needs to socialise anyway? Okay, sometimes even the most introverted person gets out but not before having their cup of chai, okay?




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