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7 Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola Besides Drinking It

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You can’t deny the fact that we all reach for a bottle of Coke to wash down pizza or some greasy butter chicken. It’s also a great companion for rum, vodka, whiskey, and some say it even tastes good with wine (but I try to avoid those kinds of people). But besides the very obvious use of Coca-Cola (read: drinking), it’s also useful for a ton of other things. Here are 7 things you can do with a bottle of Coke that will take you by surprise!

inpost - cococola hacks - cleaning toilet

1. Clean the toilet bowl

The carbonation from the Coke helps break down the filth with ease. Just pour the coke into the bowl, and let it sit there for an hour. Flush your toilet, and voila!

inpost - cococola hacks - full flowy hair

2. Make your hair look fuller

Why run to the salon and splurge on expensive treatments to get your hair fixed every month? Coca-Cola has a low pH level, which is exactly what you need to make your hair look full. It tightens your cuticles, and helps your hair look a whole lot smoother too.

inpost - cococola hacks - remove stings

3. Ease bug bites and stings

The next time you go for a camping trip where there are bound to be mosquitoes and bugs, make sure to have some Coca-Cola. Bugs and bees have a venom that is alkaline-based. The acid from the Coke neutralises the alkaline from the venom, and eases the sting.

inpost - cococola hacks -remove stains

4. Remove greasy stains from clothes

Pour some Coca-Cola on your clothes before you wash them, or simply pour some of it in the washer in order to deodorise smelly clothes, and remove grease stains too.

inpost - cococola hacks - remove rust

5. Clean rusty tools

Soak all your rusty items, like a nail cutter or any handy tools, in a bowlful of Coca-Cola overnight. Then scrub off all the rust using a hard brush. Due to Coke’s high phosphoric acid content it will eliminate all the rust from the metal, making your tools look brand new.

inpost - cococola hacks - remove chewing gumt

6. Remove chewing gum from your hair

If you ever get chewing gum stuck in your hair, soak it in Coca-Cola for a while, so that it does not stay sticky and hard. Then just slide your hair away from the gum. It will come right off without any hair loss!

inpost - cococola hacks - hair lightening

7. Lighten the colour of your hair

If you want to change your hair colour without spending big bucks at a salon, just use some Coke on it. It can serve as a viable chemical tool to dull your hair colour, as the acids within the drink will help dissolve and weaken the dye.


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