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7 Things To Never Say To The Bride-To-Be

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Even the most calm, composed and level-headed brides lose all shreds of sanity during their wedding. They have so much going on with planning, prepping, plucking and more that being around of them is like walking on eggshells. So, if you don’t want to be attacked by the bridezilla, and there isn’t a wrath that’s worse, here are a few things you must never say.

1. You know, half the marriages end in divorce

Great statistic. Convincing, really. But as much as you may know about marriage, claiming how half of them end in divorce and telling this to the bride is not such a bright idea. Last thing she needs is second guessing all of it!

2. How is the diet coming along?

Unless you want to be on the receiving end of a flying shoe, it is recommended that you steer clear of those words. Her weight and her diet plan (if she is on one) is none of your business. Noses where they belong please!

3. Are you sure about this?

Any sort of solicited advice or opinion is strongly disregarded during the wedding, especially if you’re passing it down to the bride herself. She probably has spent months getting sure about it, best to not question her.

4. That’s what you’re wearing?

This is one line that you must anyway never say to anyone, let alone the bride-to-be. That dress is everything to her. Her hopes and dreams and big bucks worth. Hence, the wedding dress is strictly off-limits! Stop being a bit of an a**hole.

5. Do you remember that guy you dated?

Weddings are probably the worst occasion to bring up names of the exes of the bride. I mean, it’s okay to do a quick dive into the past and relive some moments but really, is this the best you could come up with? Her ex?

6. That’s how much you spent on it?

Unless you’re the one who is footing the bill, pick up your dropped jaw and seal it shut. What looks just fancy to you might have some personal meaning to the bride.

7. You look just like…

No, no, don’t complete that sentence. Actually, don’t start that sentence altogether. Because what if you take a name and that is not who she wanted to be associated to on her wedding day, then you’ll have a major crying sesh on your hands. Best to let that be and hit the buffet instead.


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