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7 Things The Unicorn-Obsessed Girl Will Love

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I have always been a cynical person, I never believed in Santa Claus (because we never had a chimney in the first place) I never even believed in the Tooth Fairy. Then, I was introduced to Harry Potter (the books, not the movies, duh) and then I believed in everything. I learned that fantasy could be real if you just believe, there is a certain magic in that. So yeah, that started my obsession with various mythological creatures and you know what tops that list? Unicorns! They don’t have to be real, but their charm is and considering you’re reading this, I’m not the only one who believes in them. What’s not to love about bright, sprightly creatures covered in rainbow hues? So, I went looking for unicorn-themed merchandise that will enchant my life and found a bunch of adorable stuff that I wanted to share with you all. Grab your wallets and check it out!

   1. Sweatshirt

If I take a poll on what people thought what their most comfortable piece of clothing was, sweatshirts would win hands down. They are cozy and make you feel so secure, not to mention they look stylish. Especially when it is a unicorn-themed sweatshirt, it is guaranteed to become your most loved thing in your wardrobe really fast. *shifts into it permanently*

  2. Coffee Mugs

Don’t you hate mornings? We all do until we have our coffee that is. But have you thought about how the plain and boring coffee mug you use every morning is adding to your grumpiness? It is true guys, the cuter the coffee mugs, the better you feel after the coffee. Imagine this, you wake up, pour yourself a hot steaming cup of coffee in an adorable unicorn-shaped mug. Now, won’t that make your mornings instant better? *throws in about 1500 marshmallows*

  3.Wall Hanging

Look around your room, do you need an adorable wall hanging to fill up your empty walls? Something that makes you believe in yourself every time you look at it? What better creature to promote uniqueness than a unicorn? That is why we have this wall-hanging in this list because every time you look around you will be reminded to be a unicorn in a field of horses.

   4.Eye Mask

Ever dreamed of unicorns flying around and wished you could fly with them? Well you can’t, sorry. But we have the next best thing for you-Unicorn eye masks. Thanks to all the fur, you know you will sleep like a baby. You will also never have a bad morning again!


Have you watched that episode of Modern Family where Jay buys fury slippers for Gloria at Disney Land and she says she is walking on a cloud? What if we told you, you could recreate that feeling? These unicorn slippers are so soft you would think you are walking on fur. Get prepared to throw all your other slippers away!


Listen up, all stationery hoarders! We have for you here a set of pens that you will make your day. Of course, they are unicorn-shaped and totally gorgeous. They also look like nothing bad would happen if you use these. Aren’t they so adorable? *signs will with this pen*

  7.Neon Light

One of my favourite unicorn products is this neon light. It’s so pretty it will literally light up your day. What more can you ask for? It’s useful and pretty. Put it up on your table and use it like a reading light or a night lamp or just sit and stare at it.


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